Dr. Bob Colvin: Dean, College of Social Sciences

What He Enjoys Most About Working / Teaching Here: "I think most of my students perceive me to be a rigorous instructor, but one who loves the subject matter, invokes a lot of humor and uses participative methods in the classroom. I am committed to helping students learn and get excited about the material. Teaching has been a love affair, and I thoroughly enjoy mentoring students. I have gained a great deal of satisfaction from my work with CNU students over the last 12 years and from my relationships with amazing colleagues."

His Thoughts on What Makes the CNU Experience Unique: "The bottom line is the connection among faculty and students. At many universities, the primary focus is on master's and doctoral studies, while undergraduates sit in classes with hundreds of students where professors could not correctly identify many of their students from a photo lineup. This is not the case at CNU. Our focus is excellence in undergraduate education and the strong relationship between professor and student. As a result, CNU provides a nurturing environment where students are challenged and encouraged to achieve excellence."

Goals for the College of Social Sciences: "The first goal for the College of Social Sciences is student success, especially for our first-year students. The entire university is implementing dynamic initiatives for student success, and we in the College of Social Sciences are doing our part to be full contributors. The second and equally important goal is faculty excellence. Faculty members must continue to be the most informed, capable and effective professors / scholars they can be. Fortunately, CNU has outstanding professors and I see my role in the dean's office as collaborating with them to achieve success."