Dr. Andrew Velkey: Director, Office of Undergraduate Research

What he enjoys most about working / teaching here: "I enjoy having motivated students who want more than the in-classroom experience. Our students at CNU are interested in more than just the grade. They want to understand, they want to value, they want to appreciate, and that goes well beyond the classroom."

How undergraduate research enhances the CNU experience: "Undergraduate research is a great indicator of how accessible professors are outside the classroom, and that's one of the areas where CNU shines. Yes, we're good in the classroom, but professors are good in the classroom at many universities. Undergraduate research lets you know professors are sharing their academic life with their students, and when a student has the opportunity to get into the lab and work shoulder to shoulder--not with a technician, not with a grade student, but with the actual researcher--that is an experience you don't find at many colleges or universities in this country."

His goals for undergraduate research:

  • Provide research opportunities for all students who want to participate, regardless of major, department or research background
  • Focus on quality of research over quantity
  • Develop individual research skills by helping those lacking experience gain it while helping those with more experience advance to Velkeythe next level