Board of Visitors' Powers & Duties

A meeting will take place on campus at noon on Thursday, May 1, 2014. The meeting will be held in closed session, as the discussion will involve fundraising. The University is providing notice as required, as three members of CNU's Board of Visitors will attend.

The Board shall control and expend the funds of the University and any appropriation hereafter provided; control all real estate and personal property of the University; make all needful rules and regulations concerning the University, appoint the president who shall be its chief executive officer, and all members of the faculty; fix their salaries; provide for the employment of other personnel as required; and generally direct the affairs of the University.

Mr. Preston M. White, Jr.
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Vice Rector
Mrs. Ann N. Hunnicutt
Hampton, Virginia

Mr. N. Scott Millar
Newport News, Virginia

Faculty Representative
Dr. Kip Redick
Carrollton Virginia

Board Members

Gary C. Byler, Esq.
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Mr. William B. Downey
Williamsburg, Virginia

Mrs. Vicki Siokis Freeman
Newport News, Virginia

Mr. S. Anderson Hughes
Richmond, Virginia

Mr. W. Bruce Jennings
Fairfax, Virginia

Bryan K. Meals, Esq.
Portsmouth, Virginia

Ms. Delceno C. Miles
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Mr. Mark Rodgers
Burke, Virginia

Mrs. Margo D. Taylor
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Mr. W. L. Thomas, Jr.
Suffolk, Virginia

The Honorable Ronald L. Tillett
Midlothian, Virginia

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