Not A Spectator

At CNU students get involved on campus from day one in activities as diverse as a cappella singing, photography, investing, and sports and recreational clubs. For senior Conner Trebour, such a wide array of opportunities outside of class has epitomized his college experience so far. “You get out of the college experience what you put into it,” says Trebour, a management and finance double major in CNU’s Luter School of Business. “I recommend everyone find a club or organization that fits. It helps not only with meeting people and reaching out, but is also fun and helps with time management.”

Trebour’s primary outlet after class is the Student Assembly, which is the voice of CNU students on campus, representing and promoting their views and interests to the administration. After serving as vice president, Trebour was elected president for the 2014-15 academic year. In the Assembly students act as a legislative and representative body, passing resolutions
 and allocating resources, among other activities. Trebour says, “the administration, I feel, is here to facilitate and help the students with things we want to do.” He cites the fact that student directors plan and execute flagship programs like Setting Sail freshman orientation as proof of students’ influence on campus. “The administration truly pays attention and takes into account what is best for the students and what we want.”

A member and past president of the men’s club soccer team, Trebour is also active in CNU’s vibrant Greek life, “an incredible, life changing experience,” he says. Trebour calls membership a community within the larger CNU community, a group united around trust and common principles of self-improvement and service to others. Membership has “definitely changed my priorities, says Trebour. “I can really see what is important to me and what is not. It makes me very confident that what I’m doing and how I’m doing it is right.”

He also works part-time as an assistant event coordinator, playing a critical role in planning events across campus, such as commencement. The job pays a double dividend for Trebour, earning him some spending money while providing a real-world application for what he learns in class. “I’m very often running a shift with 10 or 12 employees and I have to know how to manage different people different ways,” he says. “I like going into management class and learning things and then being able to go to work and apply them. There are times in college when you wonder, ‘when am I going to use this stuff?’ It’s fun to be able to use it right away.” 

And he’s been able to balance such involvement with the demands of his coursework. “It’s been challenging, but I enjoy it very much,” he says, and credits the faculty as pivotal to his success. “Professors here truly care about the students and the subject matter.” Through it all, Trebour is insistent on the importance of broadly sampling what CNU has to offer, of not remaining on the sidelines. “The amount of opportunity here is absolutely incredible,” says Trebour. “The opportunities for freshmen to get involved right away and the opportunity I’ve had to be a student director, is just incredible. I love it.”  – Brian McGuire



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