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Joseph W. Luter, III School of Business

Admission to the Luter School of Business is competitive, and requires a minimum 3.0 GPA from rising juniors. Interested students complete a series of preparatory classes, and then apply for admission after the sophomore year.

As a student in the Luter School, you’ll develop analytical, critical-thinking and communication skills, and learn how to be an effective and ethical business leader who understands the cultural, social, political and economic context in which individuals and organizations exist.

All students gain a solid foundation in common core coursework across the business disciplines, then develop expertise in a chosen field. We offer a bachelor’s degree in business administration with the majors below, as well as a minor in business.

The Luter experience also stresses participation in at least one business internship, mentorship experience, study abroad and professional development activity through the Luter Signature Program.

Finance drives most business decisions. Majors learn how to provide expert investment advice to clients, perform detailed financial analysis, structure business deals and manage portfolios. Finance classes address such issues as how repeated boom-and-bust cycles occur, what their implications are for financial managers, and how financial markets affect every other sector of the economy.

As a management major you’ll learn to lead, plan and organize; express ideas clearly; embrace diversity in a changing workforce; and make decisions when facing novel, complex problems.

Our management program offers many opportunities to learn by doing, with a special emphasis on teams. Student teams manage virtual companies using online simulations in which they apply business principles to make decisions about a future course of action, analyze competition and develop business strategies.

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