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Joseph W. Luter, III School of Business


Accounting is known as the “language of business.” Governments, nonprofits and individuals all rely on accounting information when making economic decisions. Those with an understanding of accounting are in a unique position to provide valuable assistance to businesses and individuals. Luter’s CPA-oriented accounting curriculum includes courses in management information systems, taxes, forensics and fraud.

Sample Courses

ACCT 303. Cost/Managerial Accounting

This course applies concepts of cost and managerial accounting in providing cost data for planning and controlling routine manufacturing, productive and supporting operations. The course emphasizes the relevance of cost concepts to modern decision tools.

ACCT 352. Business Law II

This course covers advanced topics in business law that are particularly important to accounting and finance majors. The course covers legal and professional responsibilities of accountants and finance professionals, business organizations and securities laws, debtor creditor relations, and negotiable instruments law.

ACCT 404. Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

Students participate in the Internal Revenue Service’s VITA program, preparing federal income tax returns for low income taxpayers. Students gain experience using professional tax preparation software and applying the income tax law to real-life situations.

ACCT 451. Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting and Selected Topics

This course covers accounting and financial reporting for governmental entities and other nonprofit organizations and selected topics associated with accumulating and reporting financial information about businesses are covered in this course.

Full curriculum

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