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Joseph W. Luter, III School of Business


As a management major you’ll learn to lead, plan and organize; express ideas clearly; embrace diversity in a changing workforce; and make decisions when facing novel, complex problems.

Our management program offers many opportunities to learn by doing, with a special emphasis on teams. Student teams manage virtual companies using online simulations in which they apply business principles to make decisions about a future course of action, analyze competition and develop business strategies.

Sample Courses

MGMT 310. Leadership in Business

Leaders establish direction for their organizations by developing a vision for the future. They develop strategies for attaining their vision, and share their vision with others in an effort to motivate and inspire. Leaders produce change. This course views leadership as a process, and explores the role of leader, follower and context in that dynamic process. Topics include the nature of managerial work, perspectives on effective leadership behavior, participative leadership, dyadic roles, behaviors for managing both work and relations, charismatic leadership, transformational leadership, power and influence, ethical leadership, leading in a global economy, leadership in teams and self-managed groups, strategic leadership by executives, and the development of leadership skills.

MGMT 330. Simulation Modeling for Business

With modern, powerful computers, many decision makers are turning to simulation to make decisions about facility locations and layout; policies concerning inventory, production, space analysis, investment strategies, marketing strategies; and many other managerial decisions. Computer simulated models help managers study business systems and processes before they are implemented. Such studies allow for the evaluation of business systems performance and the identification of important factors that affect it. As a result, systems are designed to be efficient and productive, saving system implementation and fine-tuning cost. This course demonstrates how simulation can be applied to aid decision-making.

MGMT 410. Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management deals with the management of the direct value adding activities across all the firms that contribute to the creation, manufacture and delivery of a product. Students will study and integrate the perspectives of different firms and different professional disciplines to develop a broader understanding of how to improve the performance of the entire supply chain. Specific issues include supply chain design, optimization of logistic networks, inventory management, sourcing and supplier contracting, information technology, product design, and globalization.

MGMT 455. Leadership Assessment and Development

This course is designed to allow students to assess and develop their leadership capabilities in order to prepare them to be effective leaders in all phases of their lives. Data will be generated through a variety of assessment methods designed to reveal the students’ interests, abilities, values, and knowledge related to managerial effectiveness. Students will learn how to interpret these data and use them to design personal development plans.

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