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Joseph W. Luter, III School of Business


Marketers communicate the value of products and services to consumers using a variety of methods, such as direct and interactive marketing and digital and social media. Today’s marketers must know how to use new information and technology to connect more effectively with customers in a digital age.

As a marketing major you’ll learn to develop integrated marketing communication strategies that support an organization’s mission and strategic business initiatives. You’ll also learn how to engage and target customers with relevant and timely messages, master data analysis, assess competition and develop new products. Every marketing major has the opportunity to develop a marketing plan and campaign for a regional business and gains valuable experience interacting with actual clients.

Sample Courses

MKTG 330. Digital Marketing

Digital media prompts opportunities and challenges for marketers to interact with consumers. Recent advances in communication technology have expanded e-business beyond the web to an interactive, multi-platform, multi-device, digital environment. This course examines recent developments in e-business and considers the broad context of how consumers, technology and marketing impact supply and demand. Particular emphasis is placed on constructing a framework for the strategic deployment of digital media in a consumer products marketing context. Topics include a survey of consumer digital devices, social networking, data surveillance, effective graphic design and techniques in digital media production.

MKTG 420. Consumer Research

This course will introduce students to theoretical frameworks regarding why and what we buy. Students will develop an understanding of the quantitative and qualitative research tools marketers use to develop consumer insights and make critical marketing decisions. Topics include the development of managerial strategies and the creation of marketing objectives, as well as the creation of consumer communications and the ongoing measurement of campaign success and brand health. Students will have the opportunity to practice various research techniques firsthand, and will work towards applying research findings to develop marketing recommendations.

MKTG 460. Integrated Marketing Communications

This course covers all of the aspects involved in designing the most effective and efficient marketing communication program possible to build and maintain customer relationships. Topics include consumer behavior, positioning, offer creation, creative processes (including message development, layout and design, and creative testing), media planning and media selection, promotional budgeting, and return on investment. The emphasis of this course is placed on direct response communication and the design and production of interactive marketing creative materials.

MKTG 470. Interactive Marketing Strategy

This course is a comprehensive examination of all aspects of the management of marketing. Mainstream marketing management concepts are taught on the premise that marketing is a universal management function with strong strategic elements that are operationalized in different ways in different parts of the world. Supported by a strong conceptual foundation, students’ learning will be directed toward practical applications in interactive marketing. The course uses the case study method to apply concepts to business world settings. Cases will emphasize issues in interactive marketing.

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