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Department of Leadership and American Studies

Beyond the Classroom

Whether your major in American studies or work toward a leadership studies minor, you will enjoy countless opportunities to enhance your learning outside of class.

All students are encouraged to collaborate with service organizations on campus and in the community, and students in the President’s Leadership Program are required to engage in service.

As a leadership student you’ll have the opportunity to present papers or participate in the case-study competition at the International Leadership Association (ILA) annual meeting. Students have traveled to London, Montreal, Barcelona, Vancouver and many other major cities to attend ILA. You can also study abroad with leadership faculty in Maastricht, The Netherlands, where we offer a cross-cultural leadership course every summer.

Our faculty conduct compelling research and publish widely in scholarly and professional journals, and students are often deeply involved in these endeavors.

Opportunities abound for internships in business, government, education and the nonprofit sector, allowing you to apply the leadership skills you learn in class to real-world situations.

The Center for American Studies offers students the opportunity to conduct original research, present work at professional conferences, and work with scholars and leaders in the public and private sectors on the pressing issues of our time, such as democracy, individual rights, presidential history and national security, among others.

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