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Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures

After Graduation

In today’s global marketplace, knowledge of foreign languages and cultures is vital. More and more, American firms are doing business with companies abroad and opening branches overseas.

Graduates proficient in a foreign language often have an advantage in the job market. Advanced language skills can make you more attractive to potential employers, opening doors to exciting careers at home and abroad in such fields as international business, foreign relations, interpreting and teaching, among others.

  • The experiences and connections I made studying classics at CNU made it possible for me to be where I am today. After graduation I attended Durham University in England and worked on archaeological digs in Italy. I'm now a conservator with the Virginia Department of Historic Resources.

    • Chelsea Blake '15
    • Classical Studies
  • My Spanish classes prepared me for both employment and graduate school. I learned the information and skills necessary to pass the Praxis II Spanish exam, which was required for my teaching license. Knowing Spanish also allowed me to better connect with Spanish-speaking students and their families.

    • Brittany Freelin '14
    • Spanish
  • I started my career as a CNU fellow in international recruitment with the goal of bringing students from Europe to CNU. I now work in product marketing for the largest Swiss telecomm company. I have the opportunity to really use what I studied at CNU and I couldn’t be happier!

    • Marion Gloor '14
    • French and communication double major
  • My Spanish studies were instrumental in preparing me for both graduate school and employment. With my professors’ rigorous instruction, eagerness to assist, and the unique study abroad opportunities available to Spanish students, I entered my career as a Spanish teacher feeling confident and equipped.

    • Amanda Rocamontes Poe '11
    • Spanish
  • I live in Paris, as editorial and communications manager at Women’s Worldwide Web, Europe’s first crowdfunding platform for women’s empowerment. My French degree is truly one of the most useful and necessary tools. CNU gave me so much opportunity and guidance – lasting relationships with professors who have become true mentors and friends.

    • Patricia Seidel '15
    • French
  • Studying Spanish at CNU and studying abroad in Spain are my fondest memories and although I do not use Spanish in my daily professional life, they have been the most rewarding experiences. Learning a new language, adapting to a new culture, and meeting new people have improved my networking and soft skills in relation to my peers, as well as opened my world to travel and a love of gastronomy. I continually travel to Spain to visit friends and hope to transition to work in international finance in the future.

    • Dylan Hall Kramer '16
    • Spanish and economics double major

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