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Department of Molecular Biology and Chemistry

Graduate Programs

Christopher Newport offers two five-year graduate programs of interest to biology majors:

  • Master of Science in Environmental Science

    This program explores the knowledge, technical skills and background in ecological and environmental conservation theory. Biology, biochemistry or chemistry majors can complete the master’s degree program during a fifth year of study at Christopher Newport.

    The program is flexible enough to fit a wide variety of interests and is designed for students planning to pursue a PhD, teachers who seek a master’s degree in a biological science or students interested in careers with environmental agencies.

  • Master of Arts in Teaching, Biology

    Students who major in biology, biochemistry or chemistry at Christopher Newport and wish to become teachers can apply to the five-year degree program in teaching. You earn a bachelor’s degree after four years, and a fifth year includes graduate courses and a semester of student teaching, leading to the master of arts degree in teaching.

Bachelor's to Master's Five-Year program
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Traditional program
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