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Department of Physics, Computer Science and Engineering

Information Systems

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Foundations program is designed to prepare students in the foundations of computer hardware and software. You can major in applied physics, computer science or information systems. You can also minor in applied physics or computer science.

Majors analyze and design systems that enable businesses to make the best use of today’s most valuable resource: information. The program is grounded in computer science and business, and you’ll learn to:

  • Understand business requirements
  • Acquire technology
  • Design systems that integrate hardware, software, people, data and processes to solve business problems

Additional courses in multimedia, mobile applications, web development, networking, cloud and virtualization, and databases round out the program.

Sample Courses

Basic multimedia concepts – graphics, audio, video; internet concepts; design, development, and publishing of web pages; interactive web pages; publishing tools, server management and tools. This course includes a hands-on component.

A broad overview of communications issues to include encoding, media, interfaces, error detection and correction, data compression, protocols, the OSI model, and LANs. Students will be required to design and implement a communications software project.

Lecture/project-based course for systematic design, implementation, and maintenance of computer information systems. From given requirements for a computer information system course guides student in methods, tools and techniques for realizing the desired system.

Full curriculum

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