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Department of Theater and Dance

After Graduation

Our majors enjoy exciting careers as actors, dancers, teachers, news professionals, creativity agents and dance movement therapists, among others.

You’ll be well prepared to launch a career in research, dramaturgy, design, stage management, theatrical engineering, arts management, production assistance, film, playwriting or directing.

Our alumni can also be found attending top graduate programs in theater and dance.

Freddy Arsenault '02

Freddy Arsenault ('02)

After Arsenault graduated with a BA in theater performance, he went on to earn an MFA from NYU's graduate acting program. His theater credits include Broadway and off-Broadway shows, as well as a host of international performances. He's also made many film and television appearances.

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Lisa Helmi Johanson '07

Lisa Helmi Johanson ('08)

Through the hard work and discipline she honed from her double major in music and theater at Christopher Newport, Johanson has gone on to perform in numerous theater productions.

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Catherine Parker '08

Catherine Parker ('09)

In October of 2008 Parker moved to Los Angles to be an actor. When she got to LA, she booked her first television gig. She has worked on several popular TV shows, film, commercials, voiceovers and theater productions.

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Greg Poljacik '05

Greg Poljacik ('05)

In addition to being the inventor of a secret recipe for stage blood, Poljacik has been working as a teacher, fight choreographer and stuntman for over a decade.

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