Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research is a cornerstone of the Christopher Newport experience.

Here, students explore and address the pressing questions facing humanity and contribute to the creation of new knowledge.

Through the close mentorship of professors, undergraduate research fosters independent learning and complements coursework in meaningful ways. Students learn valuable skills that lead to success after graduation.

Opportunities abound for students in every discipline, and result in insightful and creative papers, compelling experiments, artwork and performances. Student work has led to publication in notable journals, presentations at conferences both here and abroad, and performances across the country.

At most schools, students must wait until graduate studies to immerse themselves deeply in meaningful research. We put the focus on the undergraduate research experience. Whatever field excites you, you’ll find a unique opportunity to explore it here.

The possibilities are endless – bring us your new idea.

In addition, Research LENS is a new initiative to enhance student learning outcomes and foster an environment at CNU where students learn, explore, navigate and share their academic and intellectual interests.

Research LENS comprises the following activities:

  • Learn Students obtain a basic mastery of information literacy that will serve as a foundation for their discipline-specific endeavors.
  • Explore Students begin the transition into research literacy in close mentorship with faculty.
  • Navigate Students embark on discipline-specific undergraduate research projects.
  • Share Students present and disseminate their findings at on- and off-campus academic conferences.

Research LENS includes the following programs and funding opportunities:

  • Summer Scholars Program
  • Paideia Conference
  • Student-faculty research projects
  • Academic conference travel funds
  • The creation and of a new Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities
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