Paideia Conference

Paideia (paɪˈdeɪə) is the classical Greek concept of liberal learning. Through paideia, the culture and the youth were "molded" to the ideal of kalos kagathos, "the beautiful and good." Classical scholar Samuel Henry Butcher wrote in 1904 that paideia "in its full sense involves the union of intellectual and moral qualities. It is on the one hand mental illumination, an enlarged outlook on life; but it also implies a refinement and delicacy of feeling, a deepening of the sympathetic emotions, a scorn of what is self-seeking, ignoble, dishonourable – a scorn bred of loving familiarity with poets and philosophers, with all that is fortifying in thought or elevating in imagination."

Each April Christopher Newport presents Paideia, the annual conference of student research. In 2018, more than 200 students presented their work in oral sessions, posters and performance.

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