Above and Beyond
At Christopher Newport University, our hope is that you’ll do more than just get an education.

We want you to thrive and actively engage in the opportunities offered. The University features several exciting programs that supplement and enhance classroom learning and afford you the chance to stand out among your peers. Some, like our unique Learning Communities, are open to all CNU freshmen; others, such as the President’s Leadership Program, are designed for the most academically motivated students. Learn more about what we have to offer:

Learning Communities
Our unique Learning Communities program puts the emphasis on community. Every first-year student participates in a learning community of 15–30 students who take three classes together, build strong academic relationships with each other and faculty, and successfully balance social and academic opportunities. We find that students in our Learning Communities program not only tend to have higher GPAs, but also thrive both academically and socially.

President’s Leadership Program
If you’re eager to take charge and have a lasting impact in the world, this program is for you. Established by former U.S. Senator and University President Paul S. Trible specifically for students who want to change the world, the President’s Leadership Program focuses on leadership skills and includes a variety of special features, including stipends for studying abroad, priority internships, scholarship support and meetings with top leaders.

Honors Program
CNU’s Honors Program is designed for students who are exceptionally motivated—and who love a challenge. Program features include stimulating classes, participation in conferences and field trips, overseas study, internships at NATO headquarters in Brussels, the opportunity to apply for research stipends, and more.

Center for Community Engagement
Sometimes the best way to learn is by doing. Develop the perspective and analytical skills required of social entrepreneurs — individuals who desire to use their training and insight to engage and solve some of society’s most pressing problems.

CNU offers an extensive selection of on-the-job internships to provide real-world exposure and hands-on learning to students in many different fields.

Study Abroad
Are you ready to take on the world? We seek students who strive to make a difference, and study abroad can play a pivotal role in your leadership development. Whether you spend a summer or semester abroad, or volunteer in a foreign land, you can take your CNU education around the world!

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