• Students in my course tell me they have not received their textbook orders yet. What can I tell them?

    Students who indicate that they have not received textbooks that have been ordered through Follett Virtual Bookstores (FVB) should contact FVB Customer Service at:

    Phone:  1-855-277-6006
    Email:  cnu@fvb.follett.com 
  • I  use custom printed course materials in my class. How can I order these electronically through Follett Virtual Bookstores?

    For locally printed or custom printed course packets and lab manuals, faculty should send a digital copy to Lorraine K. Hall in the Provost's Office. These materials will be forwarded to our Follett Virtual Bookstore representative to be printed and available via the electronic textbook adoption website. 

    To adopt a custom print title on the Follett Virtual Bookstores website:

    1. Find the appropriate course in the drop down menu
    2. Select "Add Course Materials"
    3. Select "Add Manual Title" in the right corner (assuming the ISBN will not exist for custom materials)
    4. Complete the appropriate information, providing as much detail as possible
    5. Indicate in the "Internal Notes" section any specific information that will help facilitate the textbook adoption such as "I have submitted a copy of the manual to Lorraine Hall" or "This is the same manual used in PHYS 105L in Spring 2010"
    6.  Press "save" and the title will now be listed under the course

  • My course requires supplies such as goggles or art materials. How can I let students know that these materials are required through the Follett Virtual Bookstore?

    Many of the supplies you require students to purchase are available through the Follett Virtual Bookstore. To indicate that specific supplies are required when you complete your virtual textbook adoption :

    1. Find your course on the drop down menu
    2. Select "Add Course Materials"
    3. Select "Add Course Supplies" in the right corner
    4. Complete the information about the required supplies including UPC and manufacturer, if possible.
    5. Select "save"

    Follett Virtual Bookstores will use this information to locate the appropriate vendor and acquire the materials for your students to order at the time that they purchase their other textbooks and materials. 
  • Is there a way to make a textbook selection for multiple sections of the same course?

    The current version of the online adoption tool does not allow you to make a mass-adoption. We hope to provide this functionality in the future.
  • Does Follett Virtual Bookstore ever run out of textbooks, especially custom titles?  If so, what can be done?

    Custom titles can take up to 8 weeks to print and ship. For this reason, it is critical to have such orders submitted on or before the stated textbook adoption deadline. It is also important that the estimated enrollment be as accurate as possible. 

    Follett Virtual Bookstore (FVB) orders custom quantities based on the estimated enrollment stated during the electronic adoption. If sections are added or enrollment is increased, it is important to update the Online Adoption Tool as soon as possible.