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Center for Academic Success


In the Launch program, you will learn a variety of life and study skills.

Topics covered in the online modules may include:

"Why College? Why CNU?"
This session will explore the value of a liberal arts degree, the components and requirements for a bachelor's degree at Christopher Newport, and CNU's values as an institution and a community.

"Becoming an Intentional Learner"
In this session, you will learn the "80 / 20" rule, what it means to learn intentionally, how to read and understand a syllabus, and Christopher Newport's academic integrity expectations.

"Learning Self-Management"
In our third session, we will explore your personal and academic priorities, reflect on personal responsibility in high school and predict how managing life will change in college. Students will learn strategies to manage their time and commitments while balancing college demands.

"Study Smarter, Not Harder"
Twenty-five to thirty hours of study time per week? How do successful students fill that time? Certainly not with busy work! This session will provide an overview of the SOAR study method (which is covered in College 140) in addition to providing strategies to make the most of study time.

"Communicating in the College Environment"
You'll meet Frankfurt Furstear, a first-year student who's having a bit of a problem communicating with his professors. Through various scenarios, this session will ask students to guide Frankfurt as he learns how to build relationships with faculty, staff and administrators to get the help he needs.

"Perceived Expectations about College and CNU – Mythbusters"
There's a rumor that students don't need to attend class but can still do well. Is it true? Do I really need to buy my books? In this session, students have an opportunity to flip the table and tell us what they think college at Christopher Newport will be like. We'll talk about the realities!

Based on Carol Dweck's research, this session will explore how what you believe about yourself can truly affect your success.

"Developing 'GRIT'"
You will learn the components of GRIT and explore how developing effective coping skills can help when things don't always go as you plan. Once again, Frankfurt needs some help when he fails at things he once thought were easy. Students will help Frankfurt find the emotional GRIT to get back up and try again.

"Balanced Relationships"
Students often struggle when they leave behind old relationships and try to build new ones. Never had a roommate? Missing mom and dad? This session will explore how temperament and EQ plays into our interactions with others and how to build on strengths while overcoming challenges when interacting with others.

"So many choices, So many things!"
Christopher Newport is a whole new world with so many opportunities! This final session will help you explore your personal interests and design a plan for intentional involvement in campus life.

Discussion Boards
In addition to the online modules, you will also log on to a "live" discussion board monitored by the university fellows for student success. The discussion boards allow you to ask questions as well as interact with your fellow Launch participants.

Campus Experience Module
The Campus Experience Module is a collection of fun activities, small-group discussions and large-group experiences designed to support the topics covered online and allow you to meet and interact with your peers and peer mentors.

Only students who successfully complete the online modules and the Campus Experience Module will be eligible for College 140.

Space in Launch is limited! If you are interested in participating, please apply for consideration. Applications are due by noon on Wednesday, July 5, 2017.

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