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The Grants
Almeria Hart '85 and Keith Grant '85
Married November 1990

A Historical Romance
We met during a 1980 summer course in history. We became long term friends of ten years before marrying. One campus memory is Keith walking me to art class and me The Grantsasking him to sit for a still-life drawing. We both graduated from CNU in 1985 and supported one another throughout our educational endeavors and career aspirations. An addition to the Grant family came in the summer of 1995. We were blessed with our son, Karlus Anath Grant, now a senior at Bethel High in Hampton.

The Quinns

Megan Bowles ‘08 & Robert Quinn ‘06

How we metThe Quinns
Robert and I had some of the same friends at CNU so we knew of each other but had never really taken any time to talk, just the two of us. In the Fall of 2006, we were at a mutual friend's house at Port Warwick. We got to talking and found out we had a lot in common and decided we'd like to spend some more time together. And the rest is history! Seven years later we have a loving marriage and two of the most beautiful daughters you've ever seen!

The Ferg, The Lawn, The Dog..
Rob used to pick me up from a class at the Ferguson Center and he would bring his best friend, his dog Baxter! We would sit on the lawn in front of the Ferguson Center and throw a ball for Baxter on nice days. I always think of that driving past the Ferguson Center on Warwick.




The Matusiaks
Michelle Hubert ‘05 & Jason Matusiak ‘04
Married October 2007

RA Romance
Jason was a Resident Assistant in Santoro Hall when I was a freshman. My Resident Assistant was really good friends with him and they used to joke all the time that several freshman were in love with Jason and had formed a Jason fan club. My RA told Jason that I thought he Matusiakswas cute and that I was part of his fan club. Fast forward to a year later when Jason and I were working together as RAs in Santoro Hall and he asked me about me being in his fan club. While I don't remember ever telling my RA that I thought Jason was cute, it worked out in the end! It didn't take long after we started working together to become really good friends, and eventually start dating.

Hallways of Love
When Jason and I were both RAs in Santoro Hall  back in the day, there were restrictions on the times when opposite sex visitors could be in your room. Jason and I spent many evenings sitting in the hallway, so as not to break the gender time rule, hanging out and chatting. Our residents always picked on us for it! Jason and I got married in October of 2007. We now have a little girl, Noel, who is 6 months old. I have already started to plan ahead to when she attends CNU!

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For so many Captains for Life, Christopher Newport was not just the institution where a degree was earned and a career was started. It was the place where you met the love of your life. Whether you met in a class in Wingfield, Gosnold, or Forbes, a student organization or your residence hall, the Christopher Newport campus holds a special place in your heart because it is where you met your sweetheart.

With Valentine's day approaching, we are asking any Captains for Life who married a fellow alumna or alumnus to share their stories. As stories are submitted, the Office of Alumni Relations will post selected stories online.