2013-2014 English Department Highlights

Important Faculty Achievements

∙ Sharon Rowley NEH Grant Award ($321,131) to Sharon Rowley to produce A New Edition of

∙ Margarita Marinova Publication of Don Quixote: A Dramatic Adaptation (2 volumes)

∙ Roark Mulligan Promoted to rank of full professor

∙ Patricia Hopkins Promoted to Associate Professor and awarded tenure

∙ Sharon Rowley CNU Annual Faculty Award for Scholarship

∙ Jean Filetti CNU Annual Faculty Award for Service

∙ Trevor Hoag Provost Award for Excellence in Teaching Writing

∙ Sharon Rowley Special Commendation in the First Book Category by the International Society

∙ Ivan Rodden, IV Visiting Writers Program director

Faculty Publications and Grants (not listed above)

∙ Jean Filetti and “Implementing Program Change: The Importance of Tying Learning

Mary Wright Objectives to Accreditation.” International Journal of Educational Organization and

∙ Trevor Hoag “Elusive Memorials: Blindness, Insight, and Gun Violence at the University of Texas at

∙ Roark Mulligan “Learning from Our Youngest Writers: Preservice Teachers in Primary Classes.”

∙ John Nichols “Cinemactivism: Film Reform, Spectatorship, and the Cleveland Cinema Club.” Camera

$5000 On Screen/In Person Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation Grant

∙ Roberta Rosenberg “Larry David’s ‘Dark Talmud’: or Kafka in Prime Time.” Studies in American-
Jewish Literature 32 (2013)

· Marsha Sprague “Girls Who Kill: The Changing Face of YA Warrior Heroines.” ALAN Review 41

$21,338 Virginia Department of Education Grant

Important Student Academic Achievements

∙ Sigma Tau Delta—39 English majors inducted into our International Honor Society. These students all

∙ Alpha Chi—10 English majors inducted into the National Honor Society Alpha Chi.

∙ English Majors with Distinction—Kathleen Pappano and Tammara Sutton

∙ Nancy Gonzales Turner Memorial Scholarship—Emma Oliver

∙ William D. Wolf Memorial Endowed Scholarship—Tammara Sutton

∙ Teresa Van Dover Endowed Scholarship—Rachel Condon

∙ Fifty-five students graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English

∙ Thirty-two percent of these graduates will be pursuing graduate degrees in 2014-2015.

∙ 2014 Honors Summer Research Stipends—Stephanie Alexander and Haley Struzik (Juniper Institute

for Young Writers at the University of Massachusetts) and Aubrey Kosa (Documentary Storytelling:

Chronicles of Riverside PACE Center)

· Fifty percent (50%) of the English majors who finished the MAT Program this year scored “E”

(Excellent) on their Praxis II Content Knowledge Test

the Old English Version of Bede’s Historia Ecclesiastical History (with Gregory

Waite, University of Otago, New Zealand)

of Anglo-Saxonists to Sharon Rowley for her book The Old English Version of

Bede’s Ecclesiastical History

Leadership 19 (2013)

Austin.” In/Visible Culture19 (2013); and “Interview with Rita Raley.” Currents

in Electronic Literacy (http://currents.cwrl.utexas.edu)

English Education 45 (2014). Co-authored with Kay Dawson

Obscura: Feminism, Culture, and Media Studies 84 (2013)


Student Achievements AY 2013-14

• Juan Diego Marroquín (2013) admitted to MA program in history at University of

Arizona and University of New Mexico with full funding

• Elena Colón-Marrero was admitted into 8 MLIS programs (University of Michigan, LSU,

University of Pittsburgh, University of Texas at Austin, UCLA, University of Wisconsin,

University of Illinois at Urbana Champagne, University of Maryland) and 1 joint History

and Archives management program at Simmons College. She accepted an offer at

Michigan worth $39,000 per year in tuition and merit scholarship.

• Cole Volman admitted with funding to the MA program in history at the University of

Maryland Baltimore County where he will attend. He was also admitted into several

other history programs including the College of William and Mary.

• Lora Cooper will serve as an intern at Monticello in Charlottesville beginning in Summer


• Sally Meyer will serve as a summer Intern at the Smithsonian Institution in Washingtong,


• Oliver Thomas conducted research with Dr. Falk in the State Department collection of

the National Archives and the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress.

• Caitie McGeever, after completing her MA at University of Maryland Baltimore County

took a job with Colonial Williamsburg

• Grace Bluefeld, Jessica East, Ian Fontaine, Scot Merrifield, Sally Meyer, and Oliver

Thomas served as paid summer interns working on the Trible Papers for the Paul and

Rosemary Trible Library with Dr. Falk

• Oliver Thomas won a Cupola award from CNU and the military history paper prize from

the Virginia War Museum Foundation

Selected Faculty Highlights AY 2013-14

• Dr. Amanda Herbert published Female Alliances: Gender, Identity, and Friendship in

Early Modern Britain (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2014).

• Dr. Laura Puaca published Searching for Scientific Woman Power: Technocratic

Feminism and the Politics of National Security, 1940-1980 (Chapel Hill: University of

North Carolina Press, 2014).

• Dr. Xiaoqun Xu published Cosmopolitanism, Nationalism, and Individualism in Modern

China: The Chenbao Fukan and the New Culture Era, 1918-1928 (New York: Lexington

Books, 2014).

• Dr. Rob Pierce published with Professors Lominé and Muchena, IB Business

Management: for the IB diploma (International Baccalaureate) (New York: Oxford

University Press, 2014).

• Dr. Jaime Allison’s monograph, Sovereignty for Survival: American Energy Development

and Indian Self-Determination with Yale University Press (due to press 8/15/14).

• Dr. Phillip Hamilton, was a Gilder-Lehrman Fellow 2013-14 and invited to serve on the

Gilder-Lehrman Editorial Board to oversee the digitization of their manuscript collection

• Prof. John Hyland published “Alexander’s Satraps of Media.” Journal of Ancient History

1, no. 2 (2013): 119-144 and had Journal Article Accepted, “The Casualty Figures in

Darius’ Bisitun Inscription.” Journal of Ancient Near Eastern History (forthcoming,


• Dr. Brian Puaca invited Comic Book Author Chris Claremont to CNU to work with

students and to give a public lecture. He also served as a member of the Editorial Board

of the History of Education Quarterly

• Dr. Nigel Sellars Published, “Butchers and Businessmen: the 1921 Meat-Packing

Strike,” in Main Street Oklahoma, eds., Patricia Loughlin and Linda Reese,

Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2013

Theater and Dance

Departmental Highlights


Faculty Highlights

• TheaterCNU presented five magnificent productions: Ah! Wilderness, Legacy of Light,

Once Upon a Mattress, The (Female) Odd Couple, and the 5th

Delicate Balance.

• Professor Denise Gillman received the Association for Theatre in Higher Education and

KC-ACTF Prize for Innovative Teaching for Region IV.

• Dr. Grace Godwin published the book chapter, "Reversing the Polarity: Teaching Textual

Practices through The Taming of the Shrew" in Approaches to Teaching Shakespeare's

The Taming of the Shrew edited by Margaret Dupuis & Grace Tiffany for the Modern

Language Association.

• Professor George Hillow received the KC-ACTF Meritorious Achievement Award for

Scenic Design for the TheaterCNU Spring, 2013 production of Chicago.

• Professor Kathleen Jaremski received the KC-ACTF Meritorious Achievement Award

for Excellence in for Costume Design for the TheaterCNU Spring 2013 production of

When You Comin Back, Red Ryder.

• Professor Gregg Lloyd served as Fight Director for Virginia Stage Company’s production

of The Great Gatsby

• Professor Dale Marshall served as Lighting Designer for Richmond Shakespeare

Festival’s productions of Much Ado About Nothing and Romeo and Juliet in Richmond,


• Professor Ann Mazzocca was accepted and invited to choreograph and perform a new

piece, “Obatala/Danbala: An Encounter”, as part of Crossing Boundaries, a curated

monthly series at Dixon Place in Manhattan, NYC. Performers included CNU graduate

Kala Jewette.

• Professor Tanya Sweet was Technical Director and Associate Scenic Designer for

Fiddler on the Roof with the Public Education Foundation.

Student Highlights

• Professor George Hillow and Dr. Grace Godwin lead a group of 12 students on a two

week study abroad trip to London to see productions, tour backstage facilities, and visit

museums and historic sites.

• Courtney Colligan (2014) received full tuition plus $13,000 stipend to attend the graduate

program at Virginia Tech to get her MA in English with a focus on dramatic literature.

• Cori McDaniel (2014) was accepted to the MFA program in design at California Institute

of the Arts.

• Rachel Marrs and Ed Hughes (2014) will be touring with Theatre IV out of Richmond,

VA beginning in fall of 2014.

• Christopher Embrey (2014) will be performing at the Virginia Shakespeare Festival,

Williamsburg, VA.

• Shannon Farrow (2016) was Head Administrative Intern at Stage Door Productions,

Fredericksburg, VA.

• Christie Brinkman (2011) accepted to MFA Acting Program at Brooklyn College, NYC.

• Katie Parker (2009) appeared in a supporting role in the feature film, Occulus.

• Lisa Johanson (2006) continues her role as a swing performer is the long running Off-
Broadway hit, Avenue Q.

• Greg Poljacik (2005) appeared as a Stunt Performer in the blockbuster film Divergent

and received his Master of Arts in Social Sciences with a focus in Psychology-Cognitive