Class Override Policy

When the schedule of classes is published to the web site each semester, students can see the number of available seats in any given section of any course. When the number of seats available becomes zero, the class is considered full / closed and under most circumstances students should look for another section of the class or a substitute class to fill their schedule.

If the student can demonstrate a compelling need to enroll in a closed section of a course, they should contact the Chair (link to chairs page) of the appropriate academic department (not the instructor of the class). Under most circumstances, department Chairs in the College of Arts and Humanities are vested with the authority to override students into closed sections.

Keep in mind that everyone at CNU is dedicated to helping all students to get the classes they need to ensure appropriate time-to-graduation. However, for various pedagogical reasons and in fairness to all students, not all classes can or should be over-ridden. Over-rides are granted on a case-by-case basis.

In rare circumstances, the Dean of Arts and Humanities may need to be consulted concerning an over-ride (i.e.: classes of 19 and WI classes). If this becomes necessary, the Dean will require a recommendation from the appropriate departmental chair.

In every case, the student will need to fill out a Registration Override / Schedule Change form.