Academic assessment is the process of gathering, interpreting and discussing empirical data from many sources in an attempt to identify what students have gained through their educational experiences and development. The process allows educators to determine how students demonstrate mastery of specific program learning outcomes and institutional learning outcomes, rather than exclusively focusing on achievement in coursework.

Assessment is an ongoing circular process with each cycle ending when the assessment results are used to refine academic programs and to improve subsequent educational experiences for students.

All coursework at Christopher Newport – whether in the liberal learning core, major fields, or in elective courses or courses in a minor – seeks to introduce, reinforce and advance student aptitude in these areas:

  • Knowledge of human cultures and the physical and natural world
  • Intellectual and practical skills
  • Personal and social responsibility
  • Integrative learning

The Office of Assessment aids faculty and administrators in the continuous development of these capacities through ongoing data-driven initiatives. We foster empirical decision making and continuous educational improvement, and advise faculty and administrators on all aspects of the assessment process. We seek not only to support instructors and administrators during assessment; but also aim to enable them to use the process to build a more robust institution.

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