Dr. Jill Allison Kern, Director of Assessment

Ms. Vanessa Buehlman, Administrative Associate

Office Location:  McMurran Hall 159D

Mailing Address
Office of Assessment, Evaluation, and Accreditation
Christopher Newport University
1 Avenue of the Arts
Newport News, VA  23606

Office fax:  757-594-7508

Forms and Templates for Liaisons (TBD)

Academic Year 2013-14 Appointments

Instructional Program-Undergraduate Department Chair Assessment Liaison
Communications, BA Linda Manning Alice Veksler
Economics, BS/BA (2011) Michelle Vachris Gemma Kotula
English, BA Jean Filetti Roark Mulligan
Fine Arts & Art History, BA Michelle Erhardt Alan Skees
History, BA Bill Connell John Hyland
Leadership and American Studies Benjamin Redekop Lynn Shollen
Luter School of Business, BSBA Ronnie Cohen Pam Pringle
Mathematics, BA/BS Christopher Kennedy Mihaela Dobrescu
MCLL (Classics), BA Jana Adamitis Jana Adamitis
MCLL, BA Jana Adamitis Jana Adamitis
Molecular Biology and Chemistry, BS Lisa Webb Arunkumar Sharma
Music BA, BM Mark Reimer Christopher Cook
Organismal and Environmental Biology, BS Edward Weiss Rick Cheney
Philosophy, BA Kip Redick Hussam Timani
Physics, Comp Sci and Engineering, BS (multiple) Anton Riedl Anton Riedl
Political Science, BA Quentin Kidd Tina Kempin-Reuter
Psychology, BA/BS Jason Hart Jason Hart
Social Work, BA Marion Manton Carolyn Ericson
Social Work, BA Marion Manton Stephanie Valutis
Sociology, BA Marion Manton Cheryl Chambers
Theater and Dance, BA Gregg Lloyd Tanya Sweet
Instructional Program-Graduate Department Chair Assessment Liaison
Applied Physics and CS, MS Anton Riedl Anton Siochi
Environmental Science, MS Edward Weiss Michael Meyer
Education, MAT Marsha Sprague Marsha Sprague

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University Assessment and Evaluation Committee

According to the Handbook 2013–2014 Edition, p. 158:

The University Assessment and Evaluation Committee (UAEC) shall consist of the director of assessment and evaluation, one representative of the student affairs staff appointed by the chief of staff, four administrative representatives appointed by the provost, the academic deans, and eight faculty members (two from Arts and Humanities, two from Natural and Behavioral Sciences, two from Social Sciences, and two other) appointed by the provost (all voting members). The UAEC:

a) reports to the provost;
b) monitors the overall operation of the assessment and evaluation program of the University;
c) makes recommendations concerning changes in the assessment  and evaluation program of the  University; and
d) evaluates academic and administrative departments’ assessment Records.   


                  Academic Year 2013 - 2014                       



 Rick Cheney*


 Chris Cook


 Laura Deiulio


 Roberto Flores


 Laurie Hunter**


 Jeanne Nailor


 Lisa Spiller


 Mark Steiner


 Stephen Strehle 


 Travis Taylor


 Mary Wilson


 Xiaoqun Xu


 * Chair

** Senate Rep