What is WEAVE Online?
WEAVE Online is a web-based assessment and planning management system. It was purchased by CNU as a resource for faculty to use to document their assessment, evaluation, and planning activities. It includes:
  • Department Assessment Reports (DARs)
  • Curriculum maps
  • Reporting results of assessment projects
  • Action plans for dissemination of results to various stakeholders
  • Curriculum and program improvement plans

Although purchased specifically to support assessment work, it can be used for other strategic planning and program evaluation efforts as well as tracking critical projects like grants or events.

It is also anticipated that the system will archive materials critical in the next SACS review. The compliance review, a first step in the 10 year SACS institutional review, is achieved from a remote location. WEAVE Online has been used successfully by many other institutions to allow SACS reviewers to view documentation.

The WEAVE acronym reflects the features of the system:

  • W=Write expected outcomes/objectives
  • E=Establish criteria for success
  • A=Assess performance against criteria
  • V=View assessment results
  • E=Effect improvements through actions
Using a classic model of assessment, WEAVE online allows users to follow a step-by-step process for completing the assessment cycle. This process begins with creating a mission/purpose and establishing goals for achieving that mission. The process takes the user through objective/outcome development, establishing appropriate measures, setting achievement targets for each measure, reviewing applicable data, writing findings of the assessment results, and establishing needs based on current data through planning before repeating the steps in the next assessment cycle.

To learn more about what WEAVE Online provides the CNU community, please visit: http://www.weaveonline.com/

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Who can have an account?
Faculty and staff directly involved in assessment activities for their unit or a CNU program are likely to be the primary users, however other staff such as department chairs and administrative assistants within units may request accounts also.

How do I get an account?
To be granted an account, contact the Director by email.

Once I have an account, how do I connect to WEAVE?

  • Go to CNU Connect on the CNU homepage.
  • Click on WEAVE Online on the “blue bar” at the top right to go directly to the CNU’s login page. 
  • Your WEAVE Online ID and password are the same as your UConnect ID and password.
  • Please note preferred and supported browser information provided on the right hand side of the login screen.
  • For options if you have difficulty with the login, please click the “Password Trouble?” button that appears on the bottom left of the page.
Is training on WEAVE available?

An online tutorial is also available by going to Help (top right) and then to Getting Started > Weave Online Tutorial in the pull down menu: <http://app.weaveonline.com/HelpFiles/tutorial/Tutorial_Home.htm>.

To request additional training, please contact the Office of Assessment at assess@cnu.edu.