For complete information, please visit The Office of Procurement.

What you can buy:

  • Your Small Purchase Credit Card (SPCC) must be used for official CNU business purchases only.
  • You may never use your card for personal expenditures, for cash advances, or to obtain "store credit."
  • You may not use the card to purchase restricted items.
  • You may not use the card to purchase commodities marked as restricted for the card on the Goods & Services Procurement Guide.
  • Resident Assistants may only purchase from a list of approved vendors.

Small Purchase Reconciliation:

The Monthly Certification and Monthly Purchase Log is due to  the Business Office the 1st workday of the month, along with the original receipts for each item purchase in the billing cycle. It is the cardholder's responsibility to insure vendor has not charged tax on the purchase. If tax has been charged, cardholder must contact the vendor to request a credit of the tax amount. Please contact our office if you have any questions.