Students Pay Here  |  Parents & Authorized Payers Pay Here

Students: Access, view, and pay your tuition and fees, and room and board charges through your CNU Live account.
Set up authorized payers               

  • Notification will be sent to your CNU email when your bill is online
  • Go to
  • Click on CNU Connect account and login
  • Click on CNU Live
  • Click on  Tuition & Fees
  • Message Board may contain important information
  • Choose from the list of options located in the column on the left
  • Authorize parents or others to make payment on your behalf.  They will also receive email notification once you set them up.
  • Online payments are posted to your CNU student account immediately.
  • Pay online by echeck (no fee), MasterCard, American Express, VISA or Discover credit card (convenience fee applies with credit card use).
  • Confirmation number for payment is given immediately.

An adjustment statement will not be posted online prior to the start of classes for any changes. The online "Account Status" screen has accurate charges, and will show all adjustments to your account. The "Current Balance" is only a snapshot of your bill at a given time.

Authorized Payers

Once your student sets up your access, you will be able to view and pay all tuition and fees and room and board charges for your student.

Please make check payable to Christopher Newport University

Mailing Address

Cashiers' Office
Christopher Newport University
1 Avenue of the Arts
Newport News, VA  23606-3072

Returned Check Policy

A returned check fee will be assessed for all checks returned from the bank to the University for any reason. An individual has seven (7) calendar days to repay the amount of the check and the returned check fee. If a check for tuition and fees is returned to the University from the bank for any reason a late payment fee will be assessed in addition to the returned check fee. If the student does not repay the total amount due within seven (7) calendar days, his or her registration will be canceled. If a student who is being reinstated presents a check to the University that is returned by the bank for any reason, his or her registration will be canceled. If the University receives two non-sufficient fund checks from a student, the University may no longer accept checks from the student or on the student’s behalf.

Spring 2015 Enrollment Begins November 5, 2014

  • Pay by the semester in monthly installments.
  • $25 non-refundable semester enrollment fee to participate in the plan.
  • Payments for the plan are processed on the 5th or the 20th of the month.
  • College Insure coverage for the bill payer is included at no extra cost.
  • Full-time and part-time students are eligible.
  • Plan budget should include Tuition, Comprehensive Fee, Technology Fee, Applied Music Fees, Room and Board (if applicable).
  • NO charges for books or parking decals can be included in the plan.
  • Monitor your account online through QUIKPAY to insure budgeted plan amounts are sufficient to cover charges.
Spring 2015
Last day to enroll online  
Required down payment
Number of payments
Months of payments
Payments on the 5th of the month
December 3
 December - March
December 19
January – March
  Payments on the 20th of the month   
 December 18 none  4  December - March
 January 5  25%  3 January - March
Note:  All down payments are processed immediately!

Enroll in the Tuition Payment Plan

Incoming Freshmen will be able to login to CNU Connect after attending "Setting Sail."

  • Go to
  • Click on CNU Connect and login.
  • Click on CNU Live.
  • Click on Tuition and Fees.
  • Click on the e-Cashier link to the Monthly Payment Plan located on the bottom of the page of  the “Make Payment,” “Current Statement” or “Current Activity” screens.

Only students or persons established as Authorized Payers may establish a Monthly Payment Plan.

Simple steps to establish Parents or Others as Authorized Payers

  • Go to
  • Click on CNU Connect and login.
  • Click on CNU Live.
  • Click on Tuition and Fees.
  • Select Authorize Payers from the menu on the left hand side of the screen.

The Add Authorized Payers screen will contain five fields that must be completed:

  • Name – the name of the person you are authorizing to access your account
  • Email – the Email address of the person you are authorizing to access your account
  • Login Name – a unique username (must be at least 6 characters with no symbols – case sensitive)
  • Password – the payer’s password (must be at least 8 characters with no symbols containing at least 2 letters and at least 2 numbers – case sensitive)
  • Confirm Password – re-enter password
  • Click on Add - you should now be able to see the Authorized Payers on the Authorize Payers screen
  • Authorized Payers will receive an Email to login to the QUIKPAY site
  • Once on the QUIKPAY site – click on the e-Cashier link to the Tuition Payment Plan located on the "Make Payment,” “Current Statement” or “Current Activity” screens

After receiving the Authorized Payer login - Please use this link for future reference:

Authorized Payers:

Helpful Budget Information

To assist you in calculating your payment contract for the year, the annual tuition and fees and room and board charges are listed below. Room charges may vary depending on your Residence Hall. Surcharges may be applied based on room occupancy and multiple meal plan options may be offered.

Additional Questions

Contact the Office of Student Accounts for questions concerning this payment option at (757) 594-7582. To review your Monthly Payment Plan agreement balance online, please consult the My FACTS Account Service.

Virginia529 College Savings Plan

Virginia529 prePAID - Pays full tuition and required fees each semester.

  • Notify Virginia529 that your student will attend CNU.
  • CNU will invoice Virginia529 after the add / drop period. (see Academic Calendar)
  • Virginia529 will pay CNU directly.

Virginia529 InVEST - Pays full tuition and required fees each semester.  Your account can also be used to pay for room & board, textbooks, and other qualified higher education expenses.

  • Notify Virginia529 to pay CNU each semester.

Questions or concerns?  Contact Virginia529 College Savings Plan at 1-888-567-0540.

The 1989 session of the Virginia General Assembly amended and reenacted the Senior Citizen’s Higher Education Act of 1974. Senior citizens are  permitted to register and enroll in courses as full-time or part-time students for academic credit, without charge, providing taxable income for federal  income tax purposes did not exceed $15,000 for the year preceding the enrollment year. Senior citizens may also, without charge, enroll in academic credit courses for audit purposes and in non-credit courses offered by the University without regard to income.

Under this program, the categorization of senior citizen applies to those whose 60th birthday falls before the registration term and who have been a legal  domiciliary of Virginia for one year.

Forms to request the senior citizen tuition waiver are available in the Office of Student Accounts, Gosnold Hall Room 218. A new senior citizen waiver form must be completed for each academic term.

For further information, please see the "Expenses" section of the current Undergraduate Catalog or contact our office.

Veterans’ Benefits

Students who are using Veterans Administration education benefits for the first time should anticipate a delay of approximately eight weeks before the first education allowance check is mailed. Students who plan to use V.A. benefits should contact the University’s Office of the Registrar, Gosnold Hall Room 113 or by phone at (757) 594-7155. The University defers payment of tuition for Veteran’s Chapter 31 and 33 benefits only when all paperwork has been completed and approved.

The Virginia Military Survivors and Dependents Education Program (VMSDEP)

Formally called "War Orphans," this program provides education benefits (tuition and required fees) to spouses and children of military members killed, missing in action, taken prisoner, or who became disabled at least 90 percent as a result of military science in an armed conflict. This program is administered through the Virginia Department of Veterans Affairs. Get more information here.

For more information on military benefits, assistance programs and contact information, please visit the Veterans Affairs information website.