Curricular Support: Center staff offer teaching support for the American Studies Major/Minor and the U.S. National Security Studies Minor. This includes the employment of Senior Fellows and Post-Doctoral Fellows.

Major and Minor in American Studies

The American Studies major and minor were initiated in fall 2006. The American Studies major / minor differs from American Studies programs at other universities by focusing primarily on the American founding and its legacy. The four core courses for the major are centered on the theme of the founding and evolution of the great "American Experiment" in democracy, capitalism, and self-government.

View the American Studies Curriculum.

Minor in U.S. National Security Studies

The minor in U.S. National Security Studies explores the rich, and often controversial, legacy of U.S. diplomatic and national security policies from its founding to the present, beginning with the principles of U.S. foreign policy rooted in the Constitution and tracing the evolution of U.S. national security through the Cold War and Post-Cold War eras. The minor also examines the specific internal mechanisms by which national security policies are formulated, as well as the theoretical debates in international relations scholarship on the nature of the international system, the role of power, calculations of national interest, and the effect of institutions such as international law in governing state behavior. Finally, the minor will study the political and historical contexts of current regional conflict areas, and the "new dimensions" of U.S. national security, including WMD proliferation, ethnic conflict and conflict resolution, the "War on Terrorism," and human, environmental, and energy security.

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Opportunities for Students

Networking/ Internships

CAS offers student internships within the Center and facilitates internship programs opportunities with private companies, non-profits, and government agencies, such as Business Executives for National Security (BENS) and United States Investigations Services (USIS). Students are also provided with networking opportunities throughout internal and external events and conferences.

CAS Junior Fellows

Junior fellowships provide students with an internship internal to the Center.  Junior fellows undertake original research in conjunction with a CAS faculty member, present research at academic conferences, and provide assistance on Center programming.