Internship Director

MA, William Paterson University
BA, Pennsylvania State University

Office: Luter 247
Phone: (757) 594-8769

Teaching Responsibilities
Argumentation, Interpersonal Communication, Media History, Nonverbal Communication, Practicum in Communication, Public Speaking

Research Interests
mediation, public presentation anxiety, optimism/pessimism cognitive approaches, disability awareness, civic engagement

Commonwealth of Virginia Mediation; Sexual Harassment Awareness; Virginia Notary Public

Welcome to my video page!

The following short works were produced for an introductory digital arts course. Thanks for viewing!

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CNU postcard
CNU Communication Dept Commercial 

Colonial Williamsburg
PSA Colonial Williamsburg Foundation 

Albrecht Durer 1500's
Michael Honig, artist profile

American Flag
Portraits of Sacrifice, military tribute  

music video
Wonderful World, music video