The Office of Counseling Services (OCS) offers individual and group counseling for any currently enrolled student.

To begin the process, please contact OCS at (757) 594-7047 or stop by the office to schedule an appointment.

Our office is open between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

When you contact us, you will be scheduled for what we refer to as an intake appointment.

During that meeting the counselor will talk with you to help you figure out the best way to address your concerns.

There may be times where you have questions related to yourself or others that you would like to discuss with a counselor or psychologist. We are happy to discuss these with you during a consultation.

We consult with any member of the CNU community, which include students, staff, faculty, and parents. These services are available in person or over the phone, as needed.

If you are interested in scheduling a consultation appointment, please contact us at (757) 594-7047 or come to our office and ask for a consultation appointment.

The Office of Counseling Services (OCS) provides a variety of outreach services. Outreach services include presentations and programming to a variety of groups. Students have also asked for assistance in program development for campus organizations. Some of the content areas that we have been involved with in the past include, but are not limited to:

  • Depression / Anxiety
  • Working with Groups / Teams
  • Relationships
  • Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness
  • Stress Management
  • Alcohol 
  • Communication Skills

If you are interested in having someone from OCS present to your group or would like to meet with a staff member to consult with them on a programming idea, please contact our office at (757) 594-7047 or email at It is best if you give at least two weeks notice for a presentation / program. Additionally, an OCS staff member will work with you to develop the idea further or provide suggestions if they are unavailable to attend. 

Counseling Services professionals work collaboratively with a consulting psychiatrist who can prescribe medication when needed. To access the psychiatrist's services, students need to work with their The Office of Counseling Services (OCS) counselor to determine if or when psychiatric medication might need to be considered.  

If you are experiencing a life-threatening or medical emergency that requires immediate medical attention, you should contact CNU Campus Police immediately at (757) 594-7777.

Counselors are also available 24 hours a day to respond to psychological emergencies. Please contact CNU Campus Police at (757) 594-7777 if you experience an emergency. Counseling Services works in close collaboration with CNU Campus Police and other offices in emergency situations that require crisis response. CNU Campus Police will contact the counselor on call to assist in mental health emergency situations.

OCS, CNU Campus Police, and University Health and Wellness offer support and information to students who have been sexually assaulted. If you or someone you know has been assaulted, please contact our office at (757) 594-7047, or CNU Campus Police at (757) 594-7777. Campus police can address your safety needs, file an incident report, and can assist with the legal and judicial investigations.

OCS professionals can speak with you regarding the health examination offered by the hospital, what to expect, and your options. In addition, OCS has contact information for additional resources. If you prefer, we can also assist you with finding advocates who can accompany you at the hospital.

OCS also has trained professionals who can meet with you to discuss your needs and options, including the legal and CNU judicial processes for perpetrators. In addition, we provide individual counseling for those who have been assaulted. OCS services are offered at no cost to the student.

Read more about sexual assault and what to do.