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Majority of Virginia voters oppose using federal Medicaid funds to expand health coverage, but strongly want the General Assembly to compromise

April 24 - A survey of 806 registered voters finds 53% opposed to using federal Medicaid funds to expand health coverage for the poor. However, Virginians want Republicans and Democrats to compromise to avoid a government shutdown. If a shutdown happens, voters will blame both parties and Governor McAuliffe. Also, if a shutdown happens, Virginians want McAuliffe to use executive powers to keep state running.

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Clinton leads all contenders in 2016 battleground Virginia; Christie and Bush top among divided Republicans

Mar. 3 - A survey of 901 registered voters shows Hillary Clinton beating all potential Republican contenders in an early matchup of the 2016 presidential contest in Virginia. The survey also holds good news for embattled New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who is the only GOP contender who makes it a close race with Clinton (41% - 43%), and who tops all of his GOP rivals in a hypothetical Republican primary.

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Virginians mostly optimistic about McAuliffe; Support ethics reform, Medicaid expansion

Feb. 3 - A survey of 1,023 registered voters show optimism about the McAuliffe governorship. Registered voters support Medicaid expansion, but not if federal government did not pay its share. Strong majorities across party lines and regions support ethics reform.

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Warner has high approval, leads Gillespie by 20%; McDonnell approval dips after indictment

Jan. 23 - A survey of 1,023 registered voters, show Mark Warner with a 63% approval rating, and Warner leading his best known Republican challenger Ed Gillespie by 20%, 50%-30%. Bob McDonnell leaves Capitol Square with an approval rating of 57%, but approval for McDonnell dropped dramatically after being indicted by a federal grand jury.

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