September Statewide Surveys

Sept. 19 Report and Toplines (Redskins name controversy)

Sept.17 Report and Toplines (Special session on Medicaid; McAuliffe's "Healthy Virginia")

Sept. 10 Report and Toplines (Warner-Gillespie race, direction of state/country, job approval McAuliffe/Obama/Congress)

Sept. 9 Report and Toplines (McDonnell verdict, ethics reform)

April Statewide Survey

April 24 Report and Toplines (Medicaid expansion, state budget, government shutdown)

February Statewide Survey

Mar. 3 Report and Toplines (Topics: 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie, 2016 Democratic and Republican primaries in Virginia)

January Statewide Survey

Jan. 23  Report (Topics: U.S. Senate horse race; McDonnell approval)

Feb. 3 ReportFull Toplines, and Presentation (Topics: McAuliffe approval, Medicaid expansion, ethics reform, redistricting, economic development, two-term governor)

November 1 Statewide Election Survey

(Topics: Horse race)

Nov. 1 Report and Toplines

October 15-16, 2013 Statewide Election Survey

(Topics: Horse race, views on federal government shutdown, views on election policy debate)

Oct. 15 Report and Toplines

Oct. 16 Report and Toplines

October 8-9, 2013 Statewide Election Survey

(Topics: Horse race, views on tone and tenure of the 2013 election, ethics of politicians, and issues)

Oct. 8 Report and Toplines

Oct. 9 Report and Toplines

September 5-6, 2013 Richmond Metro Survey

(Topics: The Diamond baseball stadium, Richmond Coliseum, Redskins training camp)


Story in Oct. 5 Richmond Times-Dispatch

Story in Oct. 6 Richmond Times-Dispatch

January 23-24, 2013 Statewide Survey

(Topics: 2013 Governor's Election, Transportation, School Safety, Gun Control, Marijuana Legalization, Texting While Driving)

January 23 Report

January 24 Report

February 2012 Statewide Survey

(Topics: Republican Presidential Primary, Presidential Election, U.S. Senate Election, General Assembly)


February 19 Report

February 20 Report

April 2012 Hampton Roads Regional Survey

(Topics: Transportation Tolls)

April 15 Report

Civility in Politics

May 2012 Report

October 2011 Statewide Survey

(Topics: Favorability Ratings, 2011 State Elections, 2012 U.S. Senate Election, 2012 Presidential Election)



November 2011 Norfolk and Virginia Beach Survey

(Topics: Light Rail)


October 2010 2nd Congressional District Survey

(Topics: Congressional Elections)



December 2010 Statewide Survey

(Topics: General Assembly)



October 2009 Statewide Survey

(Topics: Governor, Elections)


October 2008 Statewide Survey

(Topics: President, Elections)

Report and Toplines

September 2008 Statewide

(Topics: Redistricting)



April 2008 Hampton Roads Regional

(Topics: Transportation)