With a well-stocked salad bar, a rotating menu of hot meals and made-to-order fresh wraps, The Commons makes for a great dining option.

Do you like breakfast? The Commons breakfast, including delicious omelettes, is second to none. Located adjacent to Santoro Hall, The Commons makes dining convenient and easy.

Vegan Options indicated by (V), Heart Healthy Options indicated by (H)  | Nutritional Information

Take Out Policies

  • Take Out meals are not All-You-Can-Eat. They are one container, one trip per meal, no seconds allowed.
  • The cashier will swipe the student's ID card as a regular meal.
  • The student will leave his / her ID card with the cashier.
  • The cashier will give the student a hinged container, drink cup, and soup cup if desired.
  • The student will proceed through the line as usual, having the servers fill the container with the desired meal selections.
  • The student, after receiving their food, must return to the cashier to pick up their ID card.