George Zestos

George Zestos

Professor of Economics
Jean Monnet Chair of European Integration

PhD, Indiana University
MA, Michigan State University
BA, Saginaw Valley State University

Office: Luter Hall, Room 226
Phone: (757) 594-7067

Teaching responsibilities: Principles of Economics, Microeconomics,
Macroeconomics, Forecasting, Methods in Economics Research, European
Integration, International Economics

Research interests: international economics, economic integration,
applied econometrics

Books and Contributions to Books

“Transatlantic Economic Integration” Co-authored with Christopher W Coffman in The TTIP Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between the European Union and the United States, edited by Joaquin Roy and Roberto Dominguez, Miami-Florida European Union Center, Jean Monnet Chair, May 9 2014

Guest Editor for the International Journal of Economic Research Special Issue “The Subprime Mortgage Crisis,” June 2013

“US Subprime Mortgage Crisis and the European Sovereign Debt: Why the European Sovereign Debt Crisis Has Not Been Resolved Yet,” Co-authored with Tatiana P. Rizova in The State of the Union(s): The Eurozone Crisis, Comparative Regional Integration and the EU model, edited by Joaquín. Roy, Miami Miami-Florida European Union Center, Jean Monnet Chair, 2012, pp.69-83

“European Monetary Integration: The Euro.” Thomson Learning South-Western Publishing, 2006.

“Modeling the Maastricht Criteria,” Co-authored with Panos Afxention and Apostolos Serletis in Money and Finance in the Global Economy: Challenges and Opportunities in the 21st Century, edited by A. Kintis, et al., Athenian Policy Forum, Canada, 2002.

“Economic Integration and Regional Economic Convergence in NAFTA and the EU,” Co-authored with Elias Carayannis and Rajiv Malik in Global Trading Arrangements in Transition, Christos Paraskevoupulos, (ed.) Edward Elgar, UK 1998, pp. 56-88.

“An Empirical Study of the Effects of Economic Integration of Greece with the European Union,” in Economic Integration and Public Policy in the European Union, edited by C. Paraskevopoulos, R. Grinspun, and T. Georgakopoulos (Aldershot, U.K: Edward Elgar Publishing Limited), 1996.

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“An Approach to Economic Integration of a Small Country,” in Economic Integration Between Unequal Partners, edited by T. Georgakopoulos, et al., edited by Edward Elgard Publishing Limited, UK, 1994, pp. 143-157.

Peer Reviewed Journal Publications

“German Rigidity: An Obstacle to the Resolution of the European Crisis” Co-authored with Michael Williamson, Journal of Regional &Socio-Economic Issues, Vol. 2, 3, pp.5-19, September 2012.

“Do Market Fundamentals Determine the Dollar-Euro Exchange Rate?” Co-authored with Dmitriy S. Shaltayev and Nicholas Apergis, Journal of Policy Modeling, Elsevier Publishing, Belgium, Vol. 8 Issue 2 2012.

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