CNU's Food for Thought Campaign 2014

in Partnership with the Foodbank of the VA Peninsula    

Each October, the CNU Community comes together to consider and combat hunger in our region.  Students, Faculty, and Staff focus attention on supporting local families by stocking the shelves of the Foodbank.  Outlined below are several platforms for dialogue and action regarding hunger.  Also, visit to learn more about poverty and food insecurity .

  • The "Weight of Hunger Challenge" begins Monday, October 6th: CLICK TO SIGN UP YOUR GROUP!
  • "How I See Hunger" art instillation and creative reflection submissions for $100 and $50 prizes
  • Food Drive Finale on Campus: Friday, November 14th, 11 a.m. - 3 p.m., CNU Trible Plaza

CNU's "Weight of Hunger Challenge"

Be the campus organization or department to add the most "weight" the Food Bank of the VA Peninsula.


Q: When does the contest begin and end?

A: The contest officially begins Monday, October 6th. Everything collected during the next month will be weighed on Friday, November 14th in the Trible Plaza during the Food Drive Finale.

Q: What counts as "weight"?

A: All financial contributions will be converted to pounds ($1=5lbs). Food collected from 10/6-11/14 will be weighed at the Food Drive Finale.

Q: What are some ways to collect food/money?


  • Events where the entry fee (or a %) goes toward the Weight of Hunger Challenge for your organization.
  • Buy the shirts in bulk and sell them to others (classes, home town, etc.)
  • Sign up for a neighborhood to canvas for food (contact Center)
  • Almost anything else that’s safe and legal.

Recognized (acceptable) food items:

Canned: tuna, ham, chicken, beef stew, chili, peanut butter, canned/dried beans

Fruits and Vegetables – 100% fruit juice, canned fruits and vegetables, instant potatoes, fruit preserves

Complete Meals – pasta and sauce, boxed meals, hearty vegetable soups

Grains – cereal, rice

Cleaning Supplies – laundry detergent, paper towels, kitchen and bathroom cleaners

Most Requested Items for Kids Café & Backpack:

Apple Sauce/Fruit Cups                                           100% Juice

Pasta Sauce                                                             Easy Macaroni Meals

Pork ‘N Beans                                                           Peanut Butter/Jelly

Ravioli, Beef (Pop Top  Lids)                                    Canned Spaghetti-O

Canned Tuna & Chicken (Kits)                                 Granola Bars/Nutri-Grains  

No glass containers, perishable items or home canned foods, please!

How is the contest broken into categories and awards?

The first and second place winners for each tier will be awarded trophies (which the organizations will keep for the year), valuable prizes, and will be recognized in a ceremony at a CNU sporting event (date to be determined).

Food for Thought: Thinking Critically about the Problem of Hunger.

Between November 4th and 14th, visit the How I See Hunger art instillations in the Trible Plaza and along the Luter Hall construction fence, and add your own quote or brief thought from your perspective.  

Also, we are looking for creative reflection submissions using the How I See Hunger theme.  Your submission can take the form of poetry, song, photograph, essay, drawing, painting, or sculpture.  Please deliver your submission to the University Fellows at the Food for Thought Table in the DSU Breezeway between 12pm-1pm from November 4th to the 7th.  Center for Community Engagement staff will grant the top three submissions $100, $50, and $50 respectively, to donate to the nonprofit of their choosing.  

So, what does literature have to do with hunger?  What about biology?  Geography?  The answer is, a lot.  In fact, almost every course taught at CNU could examine, from a unique perspective, the problem of hunger.  We ask that CNU Faculty consider addressing the problem in class, challenging students to apply what they are learning to a new perspective on "hunger".

Here is one example: Professor Carol Hayes Has Ceramics Class Create "Hunger Plates"


Ceramics Student Dan Koon shows off his Hunger Plate before the 2009 "No Dinner Party" at the Ferguson Center for the Arts.  These plates were donated to the Foodbank of the VA Peninsula and have been on display at various regional venues, including the Peninsula Fine Arts Center.

Past event: Dr. Kip Redick, Alison Cunningham and Brad Brewer "Sing for Food"

Other benefit concerts, in support of CNU Food for Thought, will also be held in 2014.  Please check back for an update on date, time and location!

from balcony

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Photos courtesy of Jesse Hutcheson

CNU's 2014 Culminating Food Drive

Friday, November 14 from 11 a.m.. -  3 p.m. at the Trible Plaza


All campus organizations, departments, offices and individuals who collect food during the month of October should bring everything to the Trible Plaza between 11 a.m. -  3 p.m..  There will be a lot going in the Courtyard:

  • CNU Athletics will bring food items collected from local neighborhoods 
  • CNU Organizations competing in the Weight of Hunger Challenge will bring collections to be weighed
  • CNU Volunteers will sort and weigh food, and will load it on to the Foodbank truck.
  • A local radio station will broadcast from the plaza, encouraging local citizens to stop by and donate food.