Graduate with Service Distinction!

NEXT ORIENTATION for NEW ENROLLEES:  Fall 2014!  Dates will be posted here when they become available.

The Center for Community Engagement is proud to administer the CNU Engage Service Distinction Program. This exciting program provides the foundation and framework for CNU students to commit themselves to lives of service to local, state, national and global communities. The Service Distinction is awarded to students who have committed themselves to serving their communities and recognizes four distinct aspects of engagement.

  • Volunteer activities within the community;
  • Commitment to the work and cause of community partners; 
  • Civic Engagement through advocacy, policy development, program planning and implementation; and, 
  • Social Entrepreneurship to address societal issues in new and innovative ways.

Program Goals

The service distinction program strengthens the culture of service and community engagement at CNU by:

  • Developing relational bridges between CNU and community partners that impact the community in positive and significant ways.
  • Fostering student understanding of the issues confronting society and their role in addressing these issues.
  • Challenging students to engage with the community at deeper levels of commitment, civic engagement and social entrepreneurship. 
  • Encouraging community engagement as a lifelong commitment. 

Who’s Eligible?

The program is available to all students who have at least four semesters remaining at CNU.

Program Requirements

Benefits and Recognition

Students are acknowledge and honored for their service in the following ways:

  • Service distinction graduation ceremony
  • Certificate of recognition
  • Listing in the University commencement program
  • Students are encouraged to include their service distinction on resumes and graduate school applications; the service distinction demonstrates dedication, active citizenship, and commitment to community engagement.

To Enroll

Enroll in the Service Distinction program by created/accessing your service profile at and selecting "Enroll in the Service Distinction Program."

To Log and Review Hours

Log your service hours by accessing your service profile at and selecting "Log My Hours" from the drop-down menu bar.  Review your hours by selecting "Review My Hours" from the same bar.  If you have any questions or corrections with regard to past hours, please contact

Hours Requirements

Service Distinction hours begin counting once a student enrolls in the program through their profile at  The following are additional guidelines for service hours:

  • At least 100 of your Service Distinction hours must be in the Hampton Roads area, but outside of CNU.
  • At least 100 of your Service Distinction hours must be in your declared Service Track.
  • The following activities do not count towards the service requirement:
    • Service on behalf of a private, for-profit company or organization
    • Service on behalf of a partisan political organization or campaign
    • Pure, scientific research in a laboratory
    • ROTC or any other military service
    • Activities that support worship, evangelical, and proselytizing within church or para-church organizations. These activities include, but are not limited to, service that focuses on religious instruction, indoctrination, or conversion. Examples include providing childcare at church in support of a worship service, teaching in evangelical and proselytizing programs, participating in a worship service, and clerical and/or administrative work for the organization. Please note that service with a religious or para-religious organization for the purpose of providing direct community service (e.g., tutoring, mentoring, providing goods to those in need, community justice programs and crisis intervention) does qualify for Bonner service hours.
  • No more than 20 of your hours can be within CNU (benefiting our campus community).
  • No more than 40 of your hours can be from an alternative spring break.
  • Please choose a placement with one of our official Community Partners, or contact us if you would like assistance finding a service placement.

More Information

For more information on the program, please contact CCE staff!