Kevin Shortsleeve
Department of English / Christopher Newport University
1 University Place
Newport News VA 23606

(757) 594-7284

curriculum vitae


University of Oxford, Keble College
Ph.D., (D.Phil.) in English Literature

University of Florida, Gainesville
Master of Arts in English

Emerson College, Boston
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Film


Assistant and Associate Professor, Christopher Newport University, August 2009 to Present

Lecturer, and Assistant Professor, University of Winnipeg, July 2005 to August 2009.

Tutor, University of Oxford, Faculty of English, 2004-2005

Instructor, ASE Overseas Programs, Bath England, Autumn, 2004

Instructor, The Oxford Prep Experience, Summer, 2004

Teaching Assistant, University of Florida, 2000-2002


The History of Children's Literature 

Nonsense Literature

1960s Popular Culture

The carnivalesque / Mikhail Bakhtin

Second World Fantasy

Fairy Tales and Culture


Children’s Literature Association

International Research Society for Children’s Literature

Modern Language Association

Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators

American Literature Association 

American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies

The Kipling Society


"The Cat in the Hippie: Dr. Seuss and the 60s Rebel.” The Oxford Handbook of Children's Literature.  Lynne Valone and Julia Mickenberg, Eds. Oxford University Press: 2011.

"Nonsense." Keywords in Children's Literature. Edited by Philip Nel and Lissa Paul.  New York University Press, 2010. (Coauthored with Dr. Michael Heyman)

“Isaiah Thomas,” “Yankee Doodle,” “Ernest Thayer,” “Lawson Wood,” “Turkey,” “Children’s Literature Association,” and “Radio Shows for Children. The Oxford Encyclopedia of Children’s Literature. Jack Zipes, Ed. (forthcoming), New York, Oxford: OUP, 2006.

 “The Wonderful World of the Depression: Disney, Despotism and the 1930s” 

The Lion and the Unicorn, Johns Hopkins University Press, V.28, N.1, January 2004. pp: 1-30

(Summarized in the online version of The Chronicle of Higher Education, February, 25, 2004).

 “Edward Gorey, Children’s Literature and Nonsense Verse,”

 Children’s Literature Association Quarterly. V.27, N.1, Spring 2002. pp 27-39

Review: "The Tenth Rasa: An Anthology of Indian Nonsense. Edited by Michael Heyman with Sumanyu Setpathy and Anushka Ravishankar. New York: Penguin Global, 2008." The Children's Literature Association Quarterly. Fall 2008, Volume 33, Number 3. pp: 336-338.

(children's books)

Thirteen Monsters Who Should Be Avoided

Peachtree Publishing, 1998   

A picture book of imaginary creatures in rhyming verse.

The Story of Martha's Vineyard

Cape Cod Life Books, 1997 

A history of Martha's Vineyard Island in rhyming verse.

The ABC Cape Cod Coloring Book

Cape Cod Life Books, 1995

An early-reader, rhyming activity book.

The Story of Cape Cod

Cape Cod Life Books, 1993 

A history of Cape Cod in rhyming verse.


Contributing Writer, The Boston Phoenix (newspaper)  1996


Past Chair, Children's Literature Association International Committee (2005-2011)

Peer Review

The Lion and the Unicorn

Johns Hopkins University Press

Children’s Literature

Hollins University

The Looking Glass

Centre for the Study of Children's Literature, York University 

Jeanneus: Young People. Texts, Cultures

The University of Winnipeg


Publications of the Modern Language Association

Genre: Forms of Discourse and Culture

The University of Oklahoma

The Children's Literature Association Quarterly

Illinois State University


Nominated by the CNU College of Arts and Humanities to apply for a National Endowment for the 

Humanities Summer Stipend (did not win). August, 2010. 

Hanna Beiter Graduate Student Fellowship, The Children's Literature Association, June 2003.

Zetta Jones Haldin Memorial Scholarship, ESA Foundation, April 2003.

Four-Year Kirkland Fellowship, The University of Florida Department of English, 2002. (not taken up).

Ranked Award Worthy – Top 2 or 3 % of all TAs evaluated, as Instructor for Writing for Elementary 

    Education Professionals, University of Florida, Fall 2001. 

Kid’s Pick of the Lists, from The American Booksellers Association, for 13 Monsters Who Should Be 

    Avoided, October, 1998.


Assistant and Associate Professor, 2009-Present (Christopher Newport University)

English 123, English 223, Children’s Literature, Critical Readings in Children’s Literature, Creative Writing: Picture Books, Creative Writing: Children’s Poetry, Creative Writing: Second World Fantasy, Disney and Adaptation, Prose Writing 

Lecturer and Assistant Professor, 2005-2009 (University of Winnipeg)

English 1, Mythology/Fairy Tales, Fairy Tales and Culture (Honors Seminar), Children’s Films, Picture Books Politics, Nonsense and the Carnivalesque (Honors Seminar), Fairy Tales and Culture, Fiction for Children: Second World Fantasy, Writing for Children, Early Children's Literature, Introduction to Creative Writing.

Tutor, 2004 (The University of Oxford)

Survey in World Mythology: The Human Condition, Monsters in Literature, Creative Writing: Historical Fiction, The Works of C.S. Lewis

Instructor, 2004, (ASE Overseas Programs), Bath England

Mythology of the British Isles

Instructor, 2004, The Oxford Prep Experience 

Creative Writing

Instructor, 2000-2002, (The University of Florida) Gainesville, FL

Writing for Elementary Education Professionals, English 1101

Teaching Assistant, 1999-2000 (The English House) Gainesville, FL. 

English as a Foreign Language. 

Lecturer to various adult organizations and elementary schools

as detailed more fully below.


Nominated by the CNU College of Arts and Humanities to apply for a National Endowment for    

    the Humanities Summer Stipend (did not win). August, 2010. 

Center for Research in Young Peoples Texts and Cultures Grant

....for travel and related expenses for the “Anthology of World Nonsense” $1,200

University of Winnipeg Major Research Grant

....for travel and related expenses for the “Anthology of World Nonsense” $1,750

Center for Research in Young Peoples Texts and Cultures Development Grant

    development funding for a Children's Literature Research Database, March 2007: $1,500

University of Winnipeg Discretionary Grant, development funding for a Children's Literature Research    

    Database, November 2006: $750

Plus multiple Travel Grants for travel related to presentations at conferences, etc. Total received: ~$5,000


The Norwegian Institute for Children’s Literature, Oslo Norway, August 4, 2009

Presentation on the “Anthology of World Nonsense”

The Swedish Institute for Children’s Literature, Stockholm, August 17, 2009 

Presentation on the “Anthology of World Nonsense”
(Was not able to attend because of new contract with CNU) 


Children’s Literature Association, Boston MA June 2012

“Lewis Carroll and the Sensualization of the Subversive” 

Scholarship Matters. Christopher Newport University, October 2011

“The Cat in the Hippie.  Dr. Seuss and the 60s Rebel” 

Children’s Literature Association, Boston MA June 2011

“Politics and Where the Sidewalk Ends” 

International Research Association for Children’s Literature, Frankfurt Germany, August 2009

”Edward Gorey and American Nonsense Literature”

Children's Literature Association, Charlotte North Carolina, June 2009

"A History of Brazilian Children’s Literature"

Children's Literature Association, Normal Illinois, June 2008

"Keywords in Children's Literature Panel: Nonsense"

The Modern Language Association, Chicago, December 2007

“The Cat in the Hippie: Nonsense, Dr. Seuss, and the Sixties Rebel” 

British Comparative Literature Association, International Conference on Folly

Goldsmith's College, University of London, July 2007

"Nonsense Literature and Radical Utopianism"

Children's Literature Association, Newport News Virginia, June 2007

Christopher Newport University (two papers)

"Christian Morgenstern and the Aesthetics of Nonsense Literature in German"

"Nonsense Literature and Radical Utopianism"

Children's Literature Association, Los Angeles California, June 2006

University of California, Northridge

“The Longest Defended Fantasy Border in the World” 

Children's Literature Association, Winnipeg Manitoba, June 2005 

The University of Winnipeg, (late entrant, poster presentation)

"Alice as Colonized:  Popular Culture and the Fetish of Colonization"

The American Literature Association, Boston, May 2005

"The Strategies of 1960s Nonsense: Bob Dylan and Dr. Seuss"

The Modern Language Association, Philadelphia, December 2004

"18th Century Nonsense Literature and the American Revolution (part II)"

The Children’s Literature Association, June 2004 

California State University, Fresno

"18th Century Nonsense Literature and the American Revolution (part I)"

The Children’s Literature Association, June 2003 

University of Texas, El Paso

"The Ideologies of International Nonsense Literature"

The Children’s Literature Association, June 2002

Wyoming Seminary, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

"The Wonderful World of the Depression: Disney, Despotism and the 1930s"

The University of Cambridge, Magdalene College, September 2001

"Kipling’s Jungle Books in Twentieth Century Cinema"

(Invited Lectures: General)

The CNU Writer’s Conference, February, 2012

“Writing for Children”

100 Minutes With the Author: The Winnipeg, Millennium Library, October 2007

"Writing and Publishing for Children"

The University of Winnipeg Lecture Series, Traveling in Mythical Worlds, March 2007

"Tolkien's Myth for England: Sources and Meaning in Middle Earth"

The University of Oxford, Faculty of English, 2005

"Victorian Nonsense as an Agent of Subversion, Rebellion and Social Change"

The Marjorie Rawlins Writer’s Conference, Gainesville, FL.  July 2001, July 2002

Writing Children’s Verse”

The New York State Reading Association, November, 2000

"From Mother Goose to Dr. Seuss, the History of Rhyming Verse for Children"

The Florida Association of Media Educators, October, 1999

"From Mother Goose to Dr. Seuss, the History of Rhyming Verse for Children"

The New England Reading Association, October, 1999

"From Mother Goose to Dr. Seuss, the History of Rhyming Verse for Children"

The Florida Council of Teachers of English, October, 1999

"From Mother Goose to Dr. Seuss, the History of Rhyming Verse for Children"

The New Hampshire Reading Association, Waterville Valley, NH, August, 1998

"Writing and Publishing Children’s Books"

Barnstable High School, Hyannis, MA, December, 1998 and April, 1999

"Writing and Publishing Children’s Books"

The Sandwich Public Library, Sandwich, MA, August, 1994

"History for Children"

Barnes & Noble Books, Hyannis, MA, August, 1994

"Writing and Publishing Children’s Books"

(Workshops and Panels)

Children's Literature Association, Los Angeles California, June, 2006

University of California, Northridge

“Going on the Job Market” 

The University of Winnipeg, Cultural Studies Round Table Discussion, March, 2006

"Cultural Studies and Alice in Wonderland"

(Elementary School Visits and other volunteer work)

Hilton Elementary, Newport News VA, February 2012

Judge, Reflections, creative writing competition, Hidenwood Elementary School, Newport News VA, 2009 

and 2010. 

The Young Writers Conference, Gainesville Fl, March 2002.

John F. Kennedy Elementary School, Jamaica Plain, MA, January, 1999

St. Columbkille’s Elementary School, Brighton, MA, December, 1996 and October, 1998

The Field School, Weston, MA, October, 1998

Morse Pond School, Falmouth, MA, October, 1998

Mashpee Public Schools Literacy Campaign, Falmouth, MA, October, 1998

Carver Elementary School, Carver, MA, October, 1998

Marguerite E. Small Elementary School, West Yarmouth, MA, April, 1998

Marston’s Mills East Elementary School, Marston's Mills, MA, October, 1997


Faculty Mentor, The CNU Writer’s Group, 2011-Present

Member, Departmental Review Committee, 09/13-09/13 (CNU, Departmental)

Member, Departmental Review Committee, 09/12-09/12 (CNU, Departmental)

Chair, “Relevance and Role” subsection of Program Review Committee, 02/12-05/12 (CNU, 


Member and Vice Chair, The Graduate Council, 09/11-Present, (CNU, University)
Member, Undergraduate Degrees Committee, 09/11-08/13, (CNU, University)
Scholarship Committee, 09/11-05/12 (CNU, Departmental)
Core Advisor, 08/10-Present, (CNU, University)
Member, The CNU/Mariners Museum Committee, 09/10-09/10, (CNU, University)
Member, Departmental Personal Committee, 09/10-05/11 (CNU, Departmental)
Member, Library Advisory Committee, 09/10-Present, (CNU, University)

Chair, Library and Media Acquisitions Committee 09/10 (UW Departmental)

Member and Interim Chair, Departmental Personnel Committee 07/08 (UW Departmental)

Editor, Juice (student journal) fall 2005 to Summer 2009. (UW University)

Member: The Victorian Studies Association of Western Canada Conference Planning Committee 07/08

Member, Departmental Personnel Committee 07/08 (UW Departmental)

Chair, Special Programs Committee, 06/07 (UW Departmental)

Member, Orientation Committee, 06/07 (UW Departmental)

Member, DcOC+ Committee, 06/07 (UW Departmental)

Author of "How Not to Be Confused" a 35-page orientation booklet for new faculty

(UW Departmental)

Member, Chair Search Committee, Spring 2006 (UW Departmental)

Member, Special Programs Committee, 05/06 (UW Departmental)

Member, First Year Committee, 05/06 (UW Departmental)

Member, DCC Committee, 05/06 to 07/08 (UW Departmental)

Member, Children's Literature Caucus, 05-07 (UW Departmental)

Member, Creative Writing Caucus, 05-07 (UW Departmental)

Member, MCR Relocation Committee, 04 (UO College)

Founder, Children's Literature Reading Group, Spring 2002 (UF Departmental)


2011-Present, Faculty Mentor, The CNU Writer’s Group

2009-2012, Organized the Annual Ghost Stories event at CNU.

2006-2009, Organized the Annual Student Cabaret at The University of Winnipeg.


Writer and Presenter for Recess, a radio program about children’s culture produced by

the University of Florida’s Center for the Study of Children’s Literature and Media, broadcast in pockets in the United States on public radio (2000 to 2007).

Radio and Television Appearances 

Interviewed by NPR (Washington) on the subject of racism and children’s literature.  Not broadcast 

yet., August 2013.

With Good Reason, Virginia Public Radio. Interview on “The World Anthology of Nonsense Literature,” 

April 10, 2010. Rebroadcast Christmas Eve and New Years Day, 2010. 

CBC Radio 1. Interview on the topic of "Laziness and Children’s Literature," 

broadcast nationally, March 29, 2008. 

CBC Radio 1. Interview on the topic of "Heroes," broadcast nationally, October 6, 2007. 

Telecourse, Fairy Tales Myths, and Poetry for Children, Shaw Cable, Manitoba, Winter, 2007

Recess, WUFT FM Gainesville FL, and via Public Radio nationally in the USA.

    (Commentator on Children’s Culture, September 2000 to 2007)

Radio Disney, Boston, October, 98 - April, 1999  (Readings)

C3 TV, Books On the World, October 1998  (Interview)

WERS 101.1, The Playground, October, 1998 (Interview, reading and musical performance)

WBRS 101.1, Alphabet Soup, October, 1998 (Interview, reading and musical performance)

WBZ TV 4, CBS News 4 New England, July, 1998 (Interview and reading)

BNN TV 3, January, 1994 (Film Broadcast)

WMVY, Vineyard Haven, April, 1989  (Musical performance)

WQTV 68, November, 1988 (Film broadcast)

WCVB TV, Channel 5, Nightshift, March, 1985 & April, 1987 (Film broadcast and interview)

WERS FM, Emerson College Radio, Special Producer, 1986

WECB, Emerson College Radio, Disc Jockey, 1985-1986


Contemporary Authors, Gale Publications, V. 183,  p.367: 2000

Excel, a magazine about graduate students, University of Florida – Spring, 2001

MIT Tech Talk, October 21, 1998

The Carver Reporter, November 5, 1998

Press, Print and Web Literary Reviews

The New England Booksellers Association Gift Guide, Boston Globe, December, 1998

The Boston Tab, December, 1998, November, 1998

The Carver Reporter, November, 1998

CNN.Com, October, 1998

The Boston Sunday Herald, October, 1998

The Boston Parents' Paper, October, 1998

Baltimore's Child, October, 1998

Washington's Parent, October, 1998

MIT Tech Talk, October, 1998

Richmond Times-Gazette, October, 1998

The Tampa Tribune-Times, October, 1998

South Florida Parenting, October, 1998, October, 1998

Independent Publisher, October, 1998

The Cambridge Tab {FEATURED IN COVER STORY}, September, 1998

Bookselling This Week, September, 1998

Publisher’s Weekly, August, 1998

The Cape Cod Times, September, 1997

The Institute of Religious Education at Boston College, Spring, 1998

The Catholic Register, October, 1995

The British Columbia Catholic, October, 1995

The Cape Cod Times, July, 1994

Readings and Signings

Barnes and Noble Books, Manhattan, October, 2001

Goerings’ Books, Gainesville, FL, October, 1999

The Harvard Coop, Cambridge, MA, October, 1999

Ebb Tide Gifts, Harwich, MA, July, 1999

The Cotuit Free Library, Cotuit, MA, July, 1999

Sea Street Books, Harwich, MA, May, 1999

Borders Books, Hyannis, MA, April, 1999

Books Are Fun Book Fair, Norwood, MA, November, 1998

The Jamaica Plain Public Library, Jamaica Plain, MA, November, 1998

Grandmother’s Attic, Eastham, MA, November, 1998

The Harvard Coop, Cambridge, MA, October, 1998

The Museum of Science, Boston, MA, October, 1998

Westwind Books, Duxbury, MA, October, 1998

Borders Books, Hyannis, MA, October, 1998

Boston Public Library, Brighton Branch, Brighton MA, October, 1998

The New Canaan Bookshop, New Canaan, CT, October, 1998

New England Booksellers Association, Boston, MA, October, 1998

The Vineyard Haven Library, Vineyard Haven, MA, August, 1998

The Edgartown Literacy Initiative, Edgartown, MA, August, 1998

The Vineyard Museum, Edgartown, MA, July, 1998

BookExpo ’98, Chicago, IL, June, 1998

The Harvard Square Book Festival, Cambridge MA, April, 1998

Borders Books, Hyannis, MA, April, 1998

Grandmother’s Attic, Eastham, MA, December, 1995

The Brewster Store, Brewster, MA, December, 1995

Compass Rose Books, Orleans, MA, August, 1994

Barnes and Noble Books, Hyannis, MA, August 1994

Grandmother’s Attic, Eastham, MA, August, 1994

Yellow Umbrella Books, Chatham, MA, July, 1994

Hobbies and Interests

Long distance biking and hiking.  Genealogy.  Collecting rare Kinks albums.  Songwriting.  I have been known to occasionally perform as a songwriter in various venues, including small clubs in Massachusetts, at the annual University of 

Winnipeg Student Cabaret and at the annual Ghost Stories event at CNU.