Faculty Development Workshops

The Office of the Provost offers workshops throughout each semester for faculty members.

April 2014 Workshop: Sessions on Teaching with Dr. Sandra Finley, April 3-4, 2014

Faculty Development and Sabbatical Leave

Professional development activities to be supported are those designed to expand the academic expertise of full-time faculty. CNU will offer sabbatical leaves so that faculty may extend teaching abilities and continue professional and intellectual growth.

Advice for new faculty (PDF)

As a young institution that is rapidly advancing its regional and national reputation, CNU and its leaders solicit good ideas and advice from all quarters. How might a new faculty member contribute to CNU’s progress? More >>

How to Succeed in the Academy: A Chair's Advice to Junior Faculty (PDF)

As a department chair I frequently look for material I can discuss with my faculty during orientation, annual review, and monthly faculty development meetings. To aid chairs and other administrators in mentoring their junior faculty, this article offers seven reliable rules they can share with their new faculty to help guide them to success in the academy.
~ Rick Reis reis@stanford.edu

Recognizing and Responding to Students in Distress: A Faculty Handbook (in e-book format)

This valuable resource has been made available by the Campus Suicide Prevention Center of Virginia at the Institution for Innovation in Health and Human Services.


Student evaluations have two purposes. One is formative - used by the professor to evaluate his or her performance, make changes in the content or delivery of the course, etc. The other is evaluative and student perspectives are an important part of the teaching portfolio.  For additional information, please contact Lorraine K. Hall at lkhall@cnu.eduAlso click here for additional IDEA information and resources.

2013-2014 IDEA Calendar
Instructors, Lecturers, and Visiting Assistant Professors:

Adjunct Professors:

Evaluation Forms and Resources:

Digital Measures (please click logo for access to Digital Measures)

  • EVAL-1-R 2014-2015: For 2nd-year, 4th-year, tenure, and/or promotion reviews
  • EVAL-1-AR 2014-2015:  For annual review of all full-time faculty except those in first year  
  • EVAL-1-D 2014-2015:  For candidates for distinguished professor
  • EVAL-1-U 2014-2015: For any unscheduled reviews of post-tenure faculty
  • EVAL-4:  Departmental Standards and Procedures for Faculty Evaluations (Blank document for reference only - contact the department chair for a specific department's EVAL-4)
  • EVAL-5:  Constitution of Departmental Review Committee for Instructional Faculty Evaluation
  • EVAL-6:  Professional Activities Report (note:  for reference only; the actual EVAL-6 must be generated by Digital Measures)
  • EVAL-7:  Departmental Review Committee Recommendation and Summary Statement
  • EVAL-8 / President:  Summary of Administrative Action on Instructional Faculty Evaluation
  • EVAL-8 / Provost:  Summary of Administrative Action on Instructional Faculty Evaluation
  • EVAL-8 / Dean:  Summary of Administrative Action on Instructional Faculty Evaluation
  • EVAL-8 / FRC:  Summary of Administrative Action on Instructional Faculty Evaluation
  • EVAL-10:  Dossier Checklist
  • EVAL-AR:  Annual Review of Faculty
  • University EVAL-4:  Standards for Faculty Evaluation 2014-2015
  • Table of Load and Activity Weightings for Annual Reviews

Off-Campus Student Research / Service Project

The form referenced below must be completed when students and faculty engage in off-campus sponsored research,field trips, for-credit internships, or service learning projects not indicated in a catalogue course description or described in a course syllabus. If projects are described in these places, the forms are not required.

In the case of multiple class field trips when such trips are not described in the course syllabus, one form for the term (per student) is sufficient if a list of trips planned for the term is appended.

Student Field Work: Authorization and Approval

Sale of Textbooks by University Employees

In 2005 the Virginia General Assembly passed the legislation below regarding the sale of textbook sample copies and instructor’s copies. The State Attorney General’s office advises that such copies, whether solicited or unsolicited, may not be sold by university employees for any reason. Previously, the selling of unsolicited desk copies was a gray area, but the determination has now been made definitively. Thus we must all comply with this AG decision.

For further information, see state code § 23-4.3:1, Policies addressing textbook sales and bookstores.


Adequacy of Faculty Process

This document outlines the process of assessing faculty coverage needs for the academic year.

Center for Teaching and Learning

"In its broadest terms, our purpose is to promote excellence in teaching at all ranks and excellence in student learning inside and outside the classroom. Our goal is to see teaching equally valued with research as a professional commitment of faculty and teaching assistants and to provide the training and resources to make excellent teaching possible." More >>

Tomorrow's Professor: Mailing List

Desktop faculty development, sponsored by the Center for Teaching and Learning.