Faculty Senate Meeting
Friday, March 19, 2004
SC 214, 3:00 p.m.

I. Call to Order: President Virginia Purtle

II. Welcome Visitors

III. Approval of Minutes from the March 10, 2004 meeting

IV. President's Report

V. Committee Reports

VI. Old Business
a. UCC Actions Regarding Task Force Recommendations (second reading)

b. Textbook Royalties (2003-2004: 11) (second reading)

c. Emeritus Resolution for Bob Doane (2003-2004: 13) (second reading)

d. Catalog Matriculation Requirements (2003-2004: 16) (second reading)

e. Business majors proposals (second reading)

VII. New Business
a. Mandatory Class Attendance on First Day of Classes (2003-2004: 17) 
(first reading)

b. Faculty Awards for Teaching, Scholarship and Service (2003-2004: 18) 
(first reading)

c. Recommendations from the Undergraduate Academic Status Committee 
(first reading)

d. Question Concerning the Date of the Senate Elections in March

e. Concentration in INDIC Studies from Philosophy and Religious Studies 
(first reading)

VIII. Other Items

IX. Adjournment