Agenda for Faculty Senate meeting

3 PM Friday, 17 February 2006, SC233 (ie, NOT SC214)

  1. Call to Order
  2. Introduction of guests:
  3. Acknowledge electronic approval of minutes of 1/20 meeting
  4. Presentation by Jason Scheel (Student Government Association)
  5. President's report
  6. Committee reports
    1. Vachris: CLEP and challenge test policies (final report available:
    2. Cartwright: final recommendations from Faculty Senate review (report available:
  7. Old business
    1. Vote on Senate Review Committee's recommendations (to be followed by a vote by the General Faculty on 4/25/06)
    2. review of UCC recommendations (complete listing available:
  8. New business
    1. emerita resolution for Teddy Bostick (available:
    2. emeritus resolution for Bob Durel (available:
    3. Formation of subcommittee to research (soon) teaching loads at peer aspirant institutions (list available: in order to determine an appropriate timetable for shifting to a 4-3 teaching load.
    4. Formation of committee to conduct Senate and committee elections.
    5. Composition of committee to review Faculty Development Grant applications.
    6. Consideration of LLC resolution (11/28/05):
      "No course submitted by a student for graduation to satisfy a Liberal Learning Foundations requirement may also be submitted to satisfy an Area of Inquiry requirement."
    7. Undergraduate credit for graduate classes (UCC memo available:
    8. Review of UCC recommendations (complete listings available:
      • HIST 223
      • three courses which presently exist and are proposed for the Creative Expressions AoI: FNAR 373, FNAR 376, and FNAR 378
      • assignment of Senators to review items expected possibly to emerge from UCC meeting on 2/21
    9. Consideration of President Trible's request to strengthen committee infrastructure for supporting students who are interested in attending professional schools
    10. handbook changes (available:
  9. Other