Agenda for Faculty Senate meeting

3 PM Friday, 21 April 2006, SC214

  1. Call to Order
  2. Introduction of guests
  3. Minutes
    1. Acknowledge electronic approval of those for 3/17 meeting of the Faculty Senate
    2. Vote to approve those for the 3/21/06 meeting of the general faculty
  4. Presentations by guests:
    1. Director Lisa Burris (Office of Career Development): plans for a GRE prep course
    2. Professor Pam Pringle: proposal for faculty signing of an honor code (This presentation will not occur until 4 PM at the earliest.)
  5. President's report
  6. Committee reports
    1. Grau: Senate Elections
      1. SoB (Grau): Michelle Vachris and Bob Hasbrouck
      2. S&T (Underwood): Gary Whiting and Ming Zhang
      3. SSPS (Hicks): Eric Duskin and Tim Marshall
      4. A&H (Kidd): Steven Breese and Jean Filetti
    2. formation of nominations committee: Hicks (chair), Doughty, Adamitis, Kidd
    3. Hicks: slate of nominees for 2006-07 Senate Executive Committee:
      1. president: Schwarze
      2. vice president: Whiting
      3. secretary: Knipp
      4. at-large members: Vachris and Duskin
    4. Reports from (today's) BoV meetings
    5. Whiting: update on activities of Classroom Design Working Group
    6. Knipp: Liberal Learning Council
      1. possible change to writing-intensive requirement
      2. AoI courses (complete list available:
        Area of Inquiry100 - 299300 - 499total
        Creative Expressions161632
        Formal and Informal Reasoning91322
        Global and Multicultural Perspectives102333
        Identities, Institutions, and Society113041
        Investigating the Natural World*23124
        Western Traditions171835
        *This does not include ten lab courses.
        This list includes some courses which are "in the pipeline".
    7. Schwarze (for Jay Paul): proposal from Academic Advising Committee (available:
  7. Old business
    1. second reading on Breese's report reviewing chairs' workload (available:
    2. second reading on recommendations for inception of CNU teaching awards (available:
    3. second reading on resolution for shift to 3 - 4 teaching load (available:
    4. finish constituting Sellars' committee to draft recommendations re academic calendar
  8. New business
    1. review of recommendations from UCC
      1. AoI courses (complete year-to-date listing of courses available:
        1. IIS: Guajardo and Adamitis
          COMM 430, ENGL 314, ENGL 315, PSYC 202, ANTH 203, COMM 211, HIST 317, HIST 344
        2. GMP: Underwood
          MUSC 224, ENGL 330/SOCL 330/ANTH 330
        3. CXP: Breese
          FNAR 128, FNAR 379, MUSC 315
        4. WST: Knipp
      2. program changes
        1. BS in Computer Foundations
          1. Computer Science
          2. Applied Physics
        2. Computer Engineering
        3. Fine and Performing Arts Majors (revised for clarity at request of UCC)
          1. Studio Art
          2. Art History
        4. BS in Chemistry
    2. Professor Scott Pollard: report from ad hoc committee on evaluation and assessment of faculty (available: and
    3. proposed "Academic Day" during "Getting Started" week (available:
    4. CNU-wide guidelines for departmental distinction (now to appear on transcript)
    5. Guajardo: changes to Faculty Development Grant process
      1. information to include in application package
      2. student development grants
    6. coordination of funding for student research
    7. consideration of deans' recommendations for nominations (to SCHEV) for Outstanding Faculty Award
  9. Other
  10. Adjournment of this meeting (of 2005 - 06 Senate) and convening of meeting of 2006 - 07 Senate, for the sole purpose of the election its officers