Agenda for Faculty Senate Working Session

9 AM Wednesday, 17 August 2005, SC 214

  1. Call to Order
  2. President’s Report
  3. Other Reports: BOV April and June meetings
  4. Meetings
    1. Senate Fall 05: 1st Fridays (except for October meeting); Senate Spring 06: 3rd Fridays
    2. Executive Committee: TBA
    3. Executive Committee with President/Provost: TBA
    4. Full senate with President/Provost: TBA
    5. General Faculty: Nov. 29 and April 25 at 12:30
  5. Goals (available:
  6. Identify and Constitute Senate Committees for 05-06
    1. Faculty Senate Review Committee (requires 3 Senators and 3 faculty elected by the faculty). Charge: “Review the working and effectiveness of the Faculty Senate and make any recommendations it deems necessary regarding it to the Senate and Instructional faculty for their deliberation and action” (Handbook p. 145). Recommendations to Senate Jan. 20, 2006. Senate vote scheduled Feb. 17; General Faculty vote scheduled April 25.
    2. Faculty Development Grants. Charge: review applications and recommend funding priorities to the Senate per Handbook pp. 80-81, and in accordance with evaluation guidelines adopted last year by the Senate. Fall applications will be received by Senate from the deans NLT Oct. 21 with Senate vote Nov. 4; Spring applications will be received by Senate from the deans Feb. 22 with Senate vote March 17). Chair is charged with disseminating evaluation criteria passed by the Senate last year and reminding faculty of their deadlines (Fall: due to Chairs Sept. 21 and Deans Oct. 3; Spring: due to Chairs Jan. 30 and Deans Feb. 8)
    3. Sabbatical Applications Review. Charge: review applications and make recommendations to Senate per Handbook pp. 76-78. Senate receives packages from deans Nov. 15 with Senate vote Dec. 2. Chair is charged with reminding faculty of their Nov. 1 application deadline.
    4. Outstanding Teaching Awards (Charge: develop system for implementation in Fall 2007). Recommendations to Senate by Feb. 17; vote scheduled March 17.
    5. Constitute Academic Advising Steering Committee. Charge: create the template for this committee for insertion into the University Handbook (please work with Dr. Jay Paul). Recommendations to Senate by Nov. 4.
    6. Distinguished Professor Nomination Review Working Group. Charge: recommend Peer Group members (5 Distinguished Professors; if insufficient numbers are available, fill with those holding rank of Professor) for Senate nomination and make recommendation to Senate regarding candidacy. Senate to form Working Group on Nov. 4; Senate to designate Peer Group and its chair Dec. 2. Senate must also provide written commentary on candidacy to the Peer Group, which makes its recommendation to the Provost NLT March 1.
    7. Sabbatical Policy Review (if needed). Recommendation due to Senate Sept. 30; Senate vote scheduled Nov. 4.
    8. Handbook Committee. Some issues:
      1. Restricted positions language (return to 04-05 Handbook language). See 18 March 05 Senate minutes; also 18 Feb. 05 minutes. Issue: continuance “at initiative of the department chair” (Senate’s preference) vs. “at the discretion of the university” (Provost’s change)
      2. New Senate requirement for electronic submission of documents (pp. 145-46)
      3. Senate minutes electronic approval and distribution process (approved April 05), pp. 140. Secretary shall receive one course equivalency for this work.
      4. Senate appointments to committees: add a July 1 deadline to enable committees to meet during Getting started week with a full complement? pp. 145-56 conflict (paras. 7 “The Faculty Senate elects faculty members to at-large positions on the standing committees of the University” and C1a2 “Where there is no Faculty Senate member elected or appointed to an Instructional faculty committee, a member of the Faculty Senate shall be appointed by the President of the Faculty Senate”)
      5. FCLLAL: p. 149, 6): “makes recommendations concerning courses to be integrated into the Liberal Learning core to the Assistant Dean of Liberal Learning” vs. what the Senate recommended: “to the UCC and the Faculty Senate for movement through the curriculum process.”
      6. Budget Advisory Committee, p. 153 (h): President will appoint instructional faculty members--add “upon advice/nomination by the Senate?”
      7. Scholarly Activities/Research, p. 157 (5b): this language deals heavily with teaching and teaching methodology; should it be broadened to value other types of research as well?
  7. New Business
    1. Budget Advisory Committee nominees (3 names, one from each area? LA, S&T, Business) —Vote scheduled Sept. 2. The President will choose.