Minutes of Faculty Senate meeting

3 PM Friday, 4 November 2005, SC214

Senators present: Vachris, Wymer (left at 5:00), Guajardo, Cartwright, Schwarze (left at 5:15), Whiting, Adamitis, Underwood, Grau, Knipp, Sellars, Breese (arrived at 3:45), Hicks (arrived at 4:15), Doughty
Senator absent: Kidd
Guests: Prof. David Pollio, Erin Saunders (Captains Log), Jason Scheel (Student Government Association representative), Robert Peresich (Student Government Association Senator)
  1. Call to Order
  2. Introduction of guests
  3. Acknowledge electronic approval of minutes of 9/30 meeting
  4. Presentations by guests
    1. Professor Pollio: possibility of a Distinguished Lecture Series (proposal available: http://facultysenate.cnu.edu/05_06/misc/DLS.doc)
      This idea came out of discussion with Dean Douglas Gordon and is supported by our Vision 2010 (http://vision2010.cnu.edu). The Distinguished Lecture Series (DLS) would probably involve one speaker per year, and it may be regarded as an academic analog of the big-name entertainers who come to the Ferguson Center. One source of candidates is the Washington Speaker's Bureau (www.washspkrs.com) The plan is to invite one speaker per year for five years, expecting to pay about $100K for each, although the price would drop if we did not charge admission. The hope is to find outside sources of funding for this.
      Question: How would this differ from the Dean William Parks colloquium series?
      Answer: We'd expect more attendance by non-CNU people.
      Question: If DLS has corporate sponsorship, how would we ensure academic freedom?
      Answer: We'd have faculty members choose the speakers in order to insulate this from the corporation. The corporation would probably want to have some say in the choice, however. We'd need to be reasonable, here.
      Senate discussion on this topic was generally positive, so President Schwarze recommended that Pollio form and chair a committee to flesh out the details of DLS. One senator advised that CNU Advancement may want to know about any attempt which we make to solicit coorporate sponshorship for DLS.
    2. Jason Scheel: synopsis of Student Government Association (SGA) activities (available: http://facultysenate.cnu.edu/05_06/misc/sga/11_4.doc)
    3. Robert Peresich: "Topic Courses Expansion Act" (available: http://facultysenate.cnu.edu/05_06/misc/sga/topics.doc)
      The SGA feels that the introduction of the new curriculum in Fall 2006 makes it appropriate to loosen CNU's graduation requirement that "Students may present a maximum (total) of 12 credits in any combination of 'Topics' courses (195, 295, 395, and 495) in any department" (item 6d on p. 41 of CNU's 2005-06 Undergraduate Catalog), and the provost has encouraged this, also. It was pointed out that that departments can further restrict the number of topics courses which students can use to satisfy their major requirements. This matter will get referred to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC).
  5. President's report
    1. Provost response to last month’s actions:
      1. Foreign Language (FL) placement policies are all approved, with one modification: students completing a 200-level challenge or waiver exam will receive a notation that the FL graduation requirement has been satisfied, but will not receive CNU academic credit. This protocol does not affect AP/IB/Transfer credit. This is both an academic and a fiscal issue: equating a single exam to the passing of a course and earning equivalent academic hours is a concern as these are very different experiences; fiscally, in 2004-05 alone, the awarding of such credit in the absence of actual enrollment in courses in Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures (MCLL) was responsible for the loss of more than $300,000 in revenue. The short statement on FL placement policy crafted by Senators Knipp and Adamitis is approved and applauded.
      2. The constitution of the Advisory Committee on Academic Advising is concurred with; the provost has named Professor Nate French as his appointee.
      3. The provost concurs with the Senate’s recommendation to add a sixth faculty member to the Budget Advisory Committee (BAC).
      4. The provost thanks all Senate members for their good efforts and works in these matters.
    2. BAC representatives: President Trible has selected Professors Underwood and Colvin from the Senate’s list of recommendations. There are now 6 faculty members on BAC, in accordance with recent recommendations by the Senate and the provost.
    3. President Schwarze met with the Faculty Council on Liberal Learning and Academic Life (FCLLAL) on October 14 to share the Senate’s recommendation for making 223 a pre- or corequisite for all 300- or 400-level Areas of Inquiry (AoI) courses which do not have another specific course prerequisite(s). Schwarze has also asked the UCC to consider the same recommendation; FCLLAL is presently polling the departments, and the UCC will report its vote to the Senate after FCLLAL has gathered that information (next FCLLAL agenda available: http://facultysenate.cnu.edu/05_06/misc/FCLLAL/11_11.doc).
    4. A Key Communicators Group, the Coordinating Committee on First-Year Initiatives, has been established as a follow-on to the Retention Planning Team effort to continue that work. The faculty representatives on this are Doughty, Schwarze, and Jay Paul.
    5. Faculty Brown Bag on Oct. 27
      This was a very successful meeting, attended by about 20 faculty/staff members. President Schwarze also received several email messages from faculty unable to attend but interested in the discussion.
      1. Library will have 10 group study rooms—Mary Sellen wants to know if we would like some designated for faculty use, and if so, how;
      2. New academic buildings need to be planned with faculty input into building design—we need spaces for offices, classrooms, and faculty-student research collaborations;
      3. Sociology needs a computer classroom. (Secretary's note: see the second to last item before IV, below.);
      4. There is a need for increased funding and time for faculty research/conference travel;
      5. Luter School of Business does not seem to have any availability of Deans’ Office Grants;
      6. Places need to be provided for faculty to interact informally. Perhaps this can transpire in the Student Union or in a faculty dining room;
      7. We should consult the Academic Life portion of the Task Force’s final report (available: http://facultysenate.cnu.edu/misc/taskforce.doc), as it has this information as well;

        The following suggestions were received by email.

      8. We should regularly bring pedagogy experts to campus;
      9. CNU should establish a Faculty Development Center to help faculty find and develop grants, and to help tenured faculty with problems recognized by the evaluation process;
      10. CNU should allow new tenure-track faculty a semester off to work on research;
      11. CNU should increase money/availability of sabbatical leaves for tenured faculty.
    6. SEC/President-Provost meetings:
      Much discussion has centered recently on how to support CNU students who are interested in graduate school. Senator Kidd is chairing a Senate-Provost Working Group on Grad School Preparations. It also includes Underwood, Hicks, Connie Gianulis (International Studies), Professor Costa Gerousis, Anita Tienman (Career/Counseling Director), Assistant Dean Bartels, Mary Wiggins (Financial Aid). The committee’s initial charge is to recommend to the Senate how to provide on-campus GRE/LSAT/MCAT/GMAT prep-support for our students. This recommendation will come to the Senate at its 1/20/06 meeting.
    7. Board of Visitors meeting on Tuesday 11/8/05, in the Ferguson Concert Hall Complex. Vachris meets with the Finance/Audit committee at 10 AM, and Schwarze meets with the Full Board at noon. (The meetings of the Academic Affairs, Development, and Student Life committees are cancelled.)
    8. The full Faculty Senate meets with CNU's President and Provost at 4 PM on Friday, 11/11/05 in the Brauer Room. General Faculty meeting is still scheduled to occur at 12:20 on Tuesday, Nov. 29 in the Alumni Room of the Campus Center.

    Regarding the Sociology Department's need for a PC lab (item V.E.3 above), it was moved, seconded, and unanimously approved that this issue be referred to the Academic Technology Advisory Committee (ATAC).

    At this point in the meeting, follow-on discussion of item V.A.1 (challenge tests) led into a discussion of VIII.F (CLEP tests), and it was moved, seconded, and approved unanimously that this be delegated to a subcommittee, consisting of Vachris (chair), Sellars, Adamitis, Knipp, and Hicks.

  6. Committee reports
    1. Senator Guajardo: recommendations on Faculty Development Grant applications
      It was moved, seconded, and unanimously approved that the Senate go into closed session in order to discuss the the subcommittee's recommendations. After coming out of closed session, the subcommittee's recommendations were moved, seconded, and approved with one abstention (Grau) and no nay votes. The following faculty members were recommended to receive grants:
      1. Atkinson (BCES) "Great Dismal Swamp Atlantic White Cedar cores"
      2. McMahon (MGMK) "Online ethics"
      3. Meyer (BCES) "Biodiversity of Virginia Mayflies"
      4. Shaltayev (MGMK) "Operation of supply chains"
      5. Sherwin (BCES) "Bat student-analysis of collected data"
      6. Von Burg (COMM) "Film and science"
      7. Webb and Grau (BCES) "Genetic analysis Cotton Stainer"
      The total amount to be awarded is $14,258, which leaves $15,742 for awards for the spring semester. Award notifications will be made by the Provost following his review and concurrence.
      Because the annual budget for Faculty Development grants has been $30K for several years, it was moved and seconded that this budget be doubled. When the question was called, all were in favor of calling the question except for one abstention (Hicks) and one nay (Grau). Subsequently, the motion itself passed unanimously.
    2. Recommendations (available: http://facultysenate.cnu.edu/05_06/misc/FCLLAL/charter.html) on the composition of Faculty Council on Liberal Learning and Academic Life (FCLLAL) and on its role in the curricular process were made at the 10/14/05 meeting of FCLLAL (minutes available: http://facultysenate.cnu.edu/05_06/misc/FCLLAL/10_14.doc) and by Dean Bartels. The Senate approved unanimously to delegate this to a subcommittee comprised of Schwarze (chair), Breese, Underwood, Laura Deiulio (chair of UCC), Phil Hamilton (chair of FCLLAL), and Vice Provost Purtle (ex officio).
    3. liaisons for departments which have no Senators:
      1. Underwood met with the Social Work Department on 10/31 and is meeting with the Sociology Department on 11/8. One recommendation which she received is that each department make its own "list" of top-ranked graduate schools, for the purpose of gauging the quality of applicants for faculty positions in their academic area.
      2. Grau meets with the Mathematics department on 11/9.
      3. Whiting has not yet met with the department of Communication Studies.
      4. Breese has been in contact with the chair of the Music Department, which is presently working to fit their major courses of study in with the new curriculum. He has been unable to meet with the Department of Fine Art and Art History, because it does not meet on a regular basis.
      5. Vachris has not yet received any feedback from the Leadership Department.
      6. Cartwright has not met with the Department of Library Science, because they do not have regular meetings. They'll let her know if they have any concerns.
      7. Schwarze has not yet heard back from the Department of Military Science.
    4. Senator Wymer: new courses and Areas of Inquiry (AoI) submissions from the UCC (available: http://facultysenate.cnu.edu/05_06/misc/ucc11_4.html)
      This list presently does not yet include any courses in the "Creative Expressions" AoI, because these have been approved quite yet. The UCC has decided that if Writing Intensive (WI) courses do not get recertified, then those courses should get renumbered. The UCC is also concerned that it may be too easy to double-major, in certain departments. Before the next Faculty Senate meeting, individual Senators will review the course submissions from the UCC as follows:
      • PHYS and ANTH: Whiting and Grau
      • BIOL and MATH (foundations): Knipp and Guajardo
      • Formal and Informal Reasoning: Cartwright, Doughty, and Underwood
      • Western Traditions and Identities, Institutions, and Societies: Sellars and Hicks
      • Global and Multicultural Perspectives: Vachris and Adamitis
    5. University Assessment and Evaluation Committee (UAEC):
      Grau (the Senate liaison) reported that the UAEC voted last spring that it not be responsible for assessing individual departments. The UAEC will make a formal recommendation to the Senate soon.
  7. Old business
    1. It was moved, seconded, and approved unanimously to approve a recommendation by the UCC to make the Director of Academic Advising an ex officio member of UCC. (This actually simply codifies a practice that has been followed as long as anyone can remember.)
    2. Vote on change of privileges for emeritus status (available: http://facultysenate.cnu.edu/05_06/misc/handbook/emeritus.rtf)
      This was moved and seconded. Two amendments were approved unanimously:
      • "Deans and departments are strongly encouraged to provide office space within the Departments for emeritus faculty."
      • "emeritus faculty will be entitled to unlimited tuition-free course audits."
      The motion carried unanimously.
    3. Underwood and Grau will form a working group for Nomination Review of Distinguished Professor(s)
      Charge: recommend Peer Group members (5 Distinguished Professors; if insufficient numbers are available, fill with those holding rank of Professor) for Senate nomination and make recommendation to Senate regarding candidacy. The Senate will review these recommendations at its 12/2/05 meeting. Later, the Senate will also provide written commentary on candidacy to the Peer Group, which makes its recommendation to the Provost no later than March 1.
  8. New business
    1. The "working group on Graduate School Preparations" has been formed jointly by the Senate and the Provost, and it consists of Kidd (chair), Hicks, Underwood, Professor Costa Gerousis, Dean Bobbye Bartels, Financial Aid Director Mary Wigginton, Career and Counseling Director Anita Tiemen, and Connie Gianulis (International Studies).
    2. Review of broadcast-email policy
      It was moved, seconded, and passed unanimously that this issue be tabled until we receive feedback at the upcoming meeting of the General Faculty meeting.
    3. Handbook change re handling of electronic copies of minutes from standing committees (list available: http://provost.cnu.edu/comm.htm)
      There is a bit of uncertainty and/or duplication with the way that agenda and minutes of meetings of standing committees are handled. It was moved, seconded, and passed unanimously that this be delegated to the Senate subcommittee on "Governance of Standing Committees".
    4. Auditing classroom space to survey faculty wishes
      In a recent meeting with President Trible, it was decided that a survey should be conducted in order to develop an understanding of what instructors want and/or need in their classrooms. Today's discussion seemed to indicate that the issue of classroom proximity (to instructors' departments) should be absorbed into this project. This project will be undertaken by a committee consisting of Wymer (chair), Doughty, and Kidd.
    5. General Faculty meeting at 12:30 PM on Tuesday 11/29/05 in the Alumni Room (CC150):
      Some topics for this meeting include a review of broadcast email policies and a presentation of some committee reports.
    6. Eliminating CLEP tests at CNU (present policy available: http://public.cnu.edu/clep.pdf)
      See the last item prior to VI, above.
submitted by Peter Knipp, secretary of the Faculty Senate

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