Faculty Senate minutes

9/2/05, SC214

Senators present: J. Adamitis, L. Underwood, G. Whiting, M. Vachris, T. Schwarze, K. Cartwright, N. Guajardo, D. Doughty, H. Grau, W. Wymer, S. Breese, D. Hicks, P. Knipp, N. Sellars
Senator absent: Q. Kidd
  1. Meeting called to order at 3:04 PM.
  2. Introduction of guests: Philip Leclerc (Captain's Log), Jason Scheel (Student Government Association), and Dean Bobbye Bartels (Assistant Dean of Liberal Learning)
  3. Acknowledgement of electronic approval of minutes of 8/17/05 Senate working session.
  4. Bartels talked to the Senate about the manner in which she anticipates that the core of the new curriculum will be managed.
    1. In order for courses to be considered for offering in the Fall of 2006, they must be submitted to the Faculty Council for Liberal Learning and Academic Life (FCCLAL) by 9/9/05 (for First Year Seminars) or 9/16/05 (for Areas of Inquiry courses).
    2. Scheduling of these courses will be managed by the registrar, the Academic Advising Center, and Lorraine Hall. Requests to offer First Year Seminars (FYSM) will originate with individual faculty members, pass through their chairs, and then go to Bartels. Similar proposals to offer courses in the Areas of Inquiry (AoI) will originate in departments. It is important that departments play a large role in managing the courses offered each semester, to ensure that faculty are available to teach all courses. Bartels will monitor the number of courses being offered in each AoI, and student demand will (eventually) dictate how often the particular AoI courses are offered. Of course, there will be uncertainties in these numbers, initially.
    3. Thus far 52 different FYSM have been accepted, and a need of 67 sections of FYSM is projected for Fall 2006, based on the projected enrollment and a cap of 19 freshmen per section. All FYSM will be taught during the fall semester. The schedule for these will be established by the middle of the Fall 2005 semester.
    4. After Fall of 2006, one possibility is that proposals for changes to the structure of the liberal-learning core will pass through the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC) for approval, and individual courses proposed for inclusion in an AoI will pass through FCLLAL but will bypass the UCC (unless these courses are also intended for a particular major).
  5. President's report:
    1. Student travel funds: $20,700 this year is being disbursed through the Provost's office/account that student travel funds be made available to support student research (in response to an informal Senate request last year during an SEC meeting with the President/Provost). This is money for student research - for students to travel to conferences to make presentations, etc. - not just simple travel-abroad funds. Contact the Provost's office for applications and procedures. Presently, the method for disbursing these funds is "1st come, 1st served".
    2. Clarification of Senate relationships to university standing committees: "Instructional faculty committees as provided for in the University Handbook report to the Faculty Senate for actions on their deliberations and recommendations" (p. 145 [7]). "All committees must file agendas and minutes with the Secretary of the Faculty Senate" (p. 145, [2(3)2]).
    3. The Provost is exceptionally willing to work with Senate's Sabbatical Committee. He has volunteered to provide quick, informal cost estimates of any draft proposals the committee would like to share with him. He is interested in increasing the number of sabbaticals offered, as an inexpensive way of freeing more time for faculty research as we move toward a lower teaching load.
    4. New student center: no area for faculty has been designated in the building per se, but Bill Brauer believes that space can be found, and if we identify it now, we can get it appropriately configured before the building opens, at the beginning of the spring semester. This would be space for faculty members, especially those with outlying offices, to use between classes to check email, meet with students, and prepare for class. After talking with the SEC, President Schwarze met with Brauer to look at plans, and noted one 15x30 space (currently designated as a second gameroom) that might suit faculty needs. This space is on the second floor, near the bookstore and the new post office. Schwarze has had a preliminary conversation with the SGA president, who indicated that the SGA might think this plan to be a good idea. Brauer has volunteered to take the Senate on a tour of the building at 4 PM on Sept. 9 to look at possible spaces, including this one. Also, the Senate should keep in mind that it may be possible to designate faculty space in the new library (though it will not be open for another year).
    5. Council of University Chairs: Harold Cones is willing to convene such a council, should the Senate enact one.
    6. Handbook deadlines: Jan. 20 to committee (Senate meets Jan. 20 - it's okay to slip our submission until right after this meeting); Jan. 24 to Senate, Feb. 24 for Senate response, so the Senate will act on these at its Feb. 17 meeting.
    7. Proposal from ATAC (Academic Technology Advisory Committee) for minimal technology equipment for classrooms ($75K): Last year this was put on the "3rd tier" by CNU's Budget Advisory Committee. People are working to see if this proposal can get funded this year. Schwarze is working with Bob Gray (ATAC chair) to get a copy of the proposal.
    8. Meetings of Board of Visitors (BOV) this year: Sept. 23, Nov. 8, Feb. 17, April 6, June 7
    9. Full Senate meetings with President/Provost: Sept. 16, 4 p.m., Nov. 11, 4 p.m. (Brauer Room)
    10. Senate Executive Committee (SEC) meetings with President/Provost: 9:30 on 9/7 and 9/28, and 9:15 on 10/3, 10/17, 10/31, 11/7, 11/14, and 11/28.
  6. Committee reports
    1. Senator Vachris presented a report on the work of her committee which last spring collected data regarding the effectiveness of last year's searches for new faculty members. (available: http://facultysenate.cnu.edu/05_06/misc/hiring.doc) In response to questions from Senators, Vachris will try to get more data, namely about the percentage of search committees' first choices which were overruled by provost and the percentage of committees' first choices who rejected CNU.
    2. Senator Cartwright reported on the faculty elections to the Faculty Senate Review committee. Faculty members filled out ballots in their departments during 8/26 - 8/31. The three top vote getters (Kara Keeling, Kip Redick, and Harold Cones) will complete this committee, which already includes Senators Cartwright (chair), Grau, and Vachris.
  7. Old business
    1. Senate Goals: (available: http://facultysenate.cnu.edu/05_06/misc/goals.html)
      This was moved to the floor by a motion from Whiting, which was seconded by Cartwright. Discussion was held regarding whether Strategy 2F should be changed from "faculty members" to "employees". This proposed change was rejected, because of expense and because it would take this strategy outside the scope of goal 2. Senator Breese made a friendly amendment that the first bullet in 2B include "creative activity". This was accepted. The motion passed unanimously.
    2. Budget Advisory Committee: The Senate nominated by acclamation to President Trible the names of four faculty members (Michelle Vachris, Lori Underwood, Gary Whiting, and Bob Colvin) as candidates to replace Virginia Purtle, as the fifth faculty representative on this committee.
    3. In a memo to the Faculty Senate and to the provost, the Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literature (MCLL) rejected the Senate's request to consider using the SAT II (rather than years of high school experience) as a placement instrument for foreign language courses at CNU, for various reasons:
      • inconsistency (across languages) regarding the listening component
      • personal cost for the students
      The Senate discussed other aspects of the MCLL policy regarding placement (available: http://facultysenate.cnu.edu/05_06/misc/SecondLanguageLiteracy.pdf). In particular was questioned the logic of prohibiting students from receiving credit (Auditing would be allowed.) for FLAN101, FLAN102, and/or FLAN200 if they have had certain amounts of high school experience with these languages. The concern of the MCLL department centers on students who "sandbag", ie who are looking for an easy "A". Senator Adamitis pointed out that MCLL has softened its original stance, which was to require FLAN301 of students who've taken four years of such a language in high school. The Senate then moved into a committee of the whole so that we could discuss less formally these issues. While in a committee of the whole, the consensus was as follows:
      • Placement based on the number of years of high school experience should be used as a recommendation for students, not a requirement. Hence, students should be allowed to start in a lower level (or in FLAN200) if they want.
      • Students should never be prohibited from being able to receive credit for a course.
      After coming out of a committee of the whole, Senator Underwood moved that this issue be moved to a committee. This was seconded by Senator Breese and passed unanimously. This committee will consist of Senators Adamitis (chair), Underwood, Breese, and Knipp.
    4. Council of University Chairs: Resolution 2005-2006:1 (available: http://facultysenate.cnu.edu/05_06/resolutions/1.html) was moved by Senator Underwood and seconded by Senator Wymer. The Senate unanimously waived the first reading and subsequently unanimously passed the motion.
  8. New business
    1. The provost has agreed with the Senate request that it have some sort of representation on FCCLAL. The Senate discussed whether this task should be performed by a single Senator or if the responsibility should be shared amongst several Senators, and the consensus was in favor of the former strategy. Senator Knipp was appointed to this task and will start attending FCCLAL's monthly meetings on 9/9.
    2. When the Senate reviewed the AoI course proposals last spring, several Senators had suggestions for changes to the forms (e.g., http://liberallearning.cnu.edu/documents/WTProposal_000.doc) used for this process. Senators Underwood (chair) and Cartwright will comprise a committee which will collect suggestions from other Senators, for compilation and transmittal to President Schwarze.
    3. Faculty Senate of Virginia: (www.fsva.info) The presidents of all Faculty Senates in the state are members of this body, which monitors legislative issues of importance to higher education. President Schwarze will go to their meeting on 9/14. Professor Ron Mollick will be involved, as well.
    4. Senator Grau (chair) and Professors Nate French, Niaz Rahim, and Pete Carlson will constitute a committee charged with investigating the implementation of Strategy 2F of the Senate Goals, which recommends tuition waivers for spouses and dependents of CNU faculty.
    5. Last spring were noticed a couple of issues related to the governance of standing committees:
      • the timing of terms of members
      • the election of committee chairs
      The Senate has delegated this to a committee composed of Senators Grau and Knipp, who must return recommendations to the Senate no later than 1/20/06.
    6. Plan for Advisory Committee on Academic Advising: (available: http://facultysenate.cnu.edu/05_06/misc/ACAA.html) This plan was moved by Senator Knipp, seconded by Senator Wymer, and passed unanimously.
  9. Other:
    1. Point of information: (available: http://parking.cnu.edu/rules.html#r12) Students are allowed to occupy faculty/staff parking spaces between the hours of 3 PM and 8:30 AM. It was suggested to shift the end-time of this to 7:30 AM, for the benefit of instructors of 8 AM classes.
    2. In light of the recent large gift from Luter, part of which will go towards President's Leadership Program merit-based scholarships, it was suggested that the Senate offer assistance in gauging criteria for these scholarships.
The meeting was adjourned at 5:47 PM.

submitted by Peter Knipp, secretary

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