Minutes of General Faculty meeting, Christopher Newport U.

12:30 PM Tuesday, 29 November 2005, SC150

  1. It was moved, seconded, and approved unanimously to certify the list of December graduates (available: http://facultysenate.cnu.edu/05_06/misc/decembergraduates.xls).
  2. Dialogue on Senate initiatives to improve faculty life
    1. CNU's recently created base-adequacy funding plan includes methods for moving gradually towards a "4-3" teaching load. There are three coupled variables in each of these methods: class size, adjunct usage, and teaching load.
    2. The budget for faculty-development grants is expected to double next year.
    3. Senator Lori Underwood presented her committee's recommendations for increasing CNU's sabbatical opportunities and inaugurating an analogous program for pre-tenure faculty (available: http://facultysenate.cnu.edu/05_06/misc/sabbatical.doc).
    4. Professor David Pollio described plans to use a 12' x 50' space in the new Student Union to alleviate some problems faced by instructors whose offices are far from the center of campus. Half of this room would be workspace, and the other half would be configured as a lounge area. (For an earlier version of this report, see http://facultysenate.cnu.edu/05_06/misc/studentunion.doc.)
    5. Professor Jay Paul, chair of the recently formed Advisory Committee on Academic Advising (handbook description available: http://facultysenate.cnu.edu/05_06/misc/ACAA.html) presented this committee's preliminary recommendations (available: http://facultysenate.cnu.edu/05_06/misc/ACAA.doc). These recommendations were obtained by adapting to CNU the principles of the National Academic Advising Association (http://www.nacada.ksu.edu).
    6. The "design phase" of the renovation of the Campus Center and Gosnold Hall will begin on about 7/1/06. A committee consisting of Kathleen Brunke (chair), Gary Whiting, Raj Chaudhury, Bobbye Bartels, Leland Jordan, Sandy Lopater, and Hunter Bristow has been formed to participate in this process.
  3. Continuing initiatives on faculty/academic life
    1. There was insufficient concern to create a committee to revisit this issue of campus-wide broadcast email policies.
    2. A Senate committee is investigating the creation of CNU awards for outstanding teaching, service, and scholarship. One purpose of these will be to provide a boost to faculty members who compete for such awards outside of CNU. Recommendations of a system for these awards will be presented to the Faculty Senate in February.
    3. Senator Quentin Kidd is chairing a committee charged with preparing CNU students for graduate school. One idea is to create at CNU (through the Office of Career and Counseling Services) less-expensive preparatory workshops for entrance exams (MCAT, LSAT, GRE, GMAT, etc).
  4. Announcements:
    1. Ron Mollick: upcoming activities of the Faculty Senate of Virginia, including Higher-Ed Lobbying Day on 1/12/06
    2. Drew Velkey: Sigma Xi hosting a grant-writing workshop at CNU during spring break (information available: http://www.sigmaxi.org/meetings/grant/index.shtml and http://www.sigmaxi.org/meetings/grant/tidewater.agenda.shtml)
    3. George Zestos: Paideia2006 (information available: http://undergradresearch.cnu.edu/06/call.htm), CNU's conference on student research
The meeting was adjourned at 12:55 PM.

submitted by Peter Knipp, secretary of the Faculty Senate