Minutes of General Faculty meeting, Christopher Newport U.

Tuesday, 21 March 2006, GOSN101

The meeting was called to order at 12:23 PM. Items I and II, below, were covered in reverse order.
  1. The provost talked about plans for reducing the standard teaching load from four courses each semester of the year ("4 - 4 load") to a "3 - 4 load", as has been pledged in the six-year plan (available: http://provost.cnu.edu/restructuring) which CNU has submitted to Richmond as part of the 2005 restructuring act. This is a "plan", not a dream, and it incorporates projections of an 18 percent increase in student body and a 34 percent increase in faculty. The provost has created a spreadsheet (available: http://facultysenate.cnu.edu/05_06/misc/TEACHINGLOADS.xls) in which the path to this goal assumes these two projections and uses two different "degrees of freedom" in the phase-in of the reduced teaching load: average class size and percentage of classes taught by adjuncts. Column E of this worksheet holds "other" (release-time) assignments (department chairs, etc), and it is proportional to column C (total number of faculty). Column F ("PH" = "phantom" release time) holds release times associated with the peculiarities of the way in which certain courses (eg, science labs and music skills) are taught. Most of the tables this spreadsheet compare the phase-ins for the following three cases: Tables III.A, B, and C of this spreadsheet investigate the issues associated with actually decreasing to a 3-3 teaching load, and Tables IV.A, B, and C show what to expect if we were to phase in the 4-3 reduced teaching load in a single year (2007, 2009 or 2011 for parts A, B, and C, respectively).
  2. Amendement to constitution of Faculty Senate which adds the (new) Department of Leadership Studies to the university governance structure (available: http://facultysenate.cnu.edu/05_06/misc/leadership.doc)
    This was approved with all but one in favor, one opposed, and no abstentions.
The meeting was adjourned at about 12:50 PM.

Submitted by Peter Knipp, secretary of the Faculty Senate. (last edited 3/27/06)