Agenda for Faculty Senate meeting

3 PM Friday, 3 November 2006, Ballroom in Student Union (note changed location)

  1. Call to Order
  2. Introduction of guests
  3. Acknowledge electronic approval of minutes for 10/13 meeting of the Faculty Senate
  4. Presentations by guests
  5. President's report (available:
  6. Committee reports
      1. Guajardo: Faculty Development Grant applications (vote scheduled)
      2. Filetti: report from LLC re final exams for ULLC100
      3. Whiting: academic-building update (available:
      4. liaisons to departments which have no senators:
        1. Whiting: Communication Studies
        2. Adamitis: Fine Art and Art History
        3. Filetti: Government and Public Affairs
        4. Vachris: Leadership and American Studies
        5. Grau: Mathematics
        6. Breese: Music
        7. Duskin: Philosophy and Religious Studies
        8. Hicks: Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology
      5. Breese: plan for handling sabbatical applications
      6. recommendations re UCC applications (complete list of AoI applications available:
        1. Knipp/Guajardo: SOWK 391 (for FIR)
        2. Vachris/Marshall: HIST 205 (for GMP)
        3. Duskin/Sellars: MLAN 217 (for CXP)
      7. Duskin: more course applications from UCC
        1. COMM201 (for FIR)
        2. American Studies (major and minor)
    1. Old business
      1. consideration of constitutional amendments (requires approval by 10 senators) which were tabled at the 10/13 meeting of the Faculty Senate
        1. item VII.B.1.i of 10/13 meeting: addition of two Senators from academic area of Arts and Humanities (item 5 in report by Grau's committee)
        2. item VII.B.3 of 10/13 meeting: reduction from 3 to 2 of the number of Senators from the School of Business
      2. discussion of schedule for transition to 4-3 teaching load
    2. New business
      1. creation of a subcommittee to plan Senate's meeting w/each provost candidate
      2. more UCC recommendations:
        concentration in jazz studies, within the Bachelor of Music degree
    3. Other