Agenda for Faculty Senate meeting

3 PM Friday, 19 January 2007, Board Room in Student Union

  1. Call to Order
  2. Introduction of guests
  3. Acknowledge electronic approval of minutes for 12/1 meeting of the Faculty Senate
  4. Presentation by Assistant Dean Bobbye Bartels, on the functioning of the new curriculum
  5. President's report (available:
  6. Committee reports
    1. Adamitis: plan for Senate's meeting with each provost applicant who visits CNU
    2. Filetti: parking issues
    3. Knipp: November meeting of Student Affairs subcommittee of Board of Visitors
    4. Whiting: November meeting of Finance (and Development?) of Board of Visitors
    5. Hicks (Academic Status committee): recommendation about changing withdrawal-limit policy, from 5 classes to 17 credits
    6. Senators liaising w/departments which have no Senators (Breese, Duskin, Hicks, Grau)
    7. Vachris (Priority Advisory Committee): recommendations (Senate vote scheduled)
  7. Old business
    1. COMM 201 (for insertion into the Formal and Informal Reasoning Area of Inquiry)
    2. Vote on handbook change re personnel file issues (available:
    3. Vote scheduled for American Studies proposal (available:
  8. New business
    1. Faculty Development grants are due to chairs by 1/29.
    2. appointment of elections committee. Among other things, this committee should plan to rectify the rotation schedule for, e.g., the Faculty Grievance Committee
    3. Assignment of Senators to review more recommendations for courses to be inserted into various Areas of Inquiry (complete list available at
    4. Resolution 6: emeritus status for Dick Summerville (available:
    5. reaffirmation of Resolution 2003-2004: 02 (inclusion of "sexual orientation" in CNU's nondiscrimination policy), passed at 11/7/03 Senate meeting
    6. proposal for "exceptional educational leave"
  9. Other