Agenda for Faculty Senate meeting

3 PM Friday, 16 March 2007, Board Room in Student Union

  1. Call to Order
  2. Introduction of guests
  3. Acknowledge electronic approval of minutes for 2/16 meeting of the Faculty Senate
  4. Presentations by guests:
    1. Keston Fulcher: graduate exit survey to be administered next month
    2. Allen Grace: update from SGA
  5. President's report
  6. Committee reports
      1. Knipp: preliminary report from grade-distribution committee
      2. Sellars: final report from calendar committee (vote scheduled)
      3. BoV meeting:
        1. Grau (Academic Affairs)
        2. Whiting (Finance/Audit, Development)
        3. Hasbrouck (Student Life)
        4. Guajardo (full board)
      4. Breese (sabbaticals): recommendations re a scoring rubric (vote scheduled)
      5. Senators liaising w/departments which have no Senators (Whiting, Breese, Duskin, Hicks)
      6. Review of courses to go into various AoI:
        1. Whiting and ???: AMST 100 (WST)
        2. Whiting and ???: AMST 210 (WST)
        3. Adamitis and Vachris: PHIL 252 (GMP)
        (Click here for a complete list of this year's AoI applications.)
      7. Grau: update from elections committee
      8. Schwarze: update re provost search
      9. Breese: revised proposal for chair compensation
      10. Vachris: report from Priority Advisory Committee
    1. Old business
    2. New business
      1. Consideration of Resolution 9 (emeritus status for "Doc" Powell)
      2. Consideration of Resolution 10 (emeritus status for Don Hicks)
      3. deans' recommendations for the 2007 SCHEV Outstanding Faculty Award nominees (The passwords for the files to which this webpage is linked, above, were broadcast via email.)
      4. Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Science, major in Information Science (no action required)
      5. Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Foundations, major in Information Systems (vote required)
      6. Handbook change #23 (Click here for the complete list of handbook changes.)
      7. recommendations from the University Academic Status Committee for changes to the Undergrad Catalog
        1. p. 33: The paragraph beginning "Academic progress" should read as follows:

          "Academic progress should be sufficient to support graduation in a timely manner. Students are expected to graduate within four years after matriculation as a full-time student, but no later than six years after full-time matriculation."

        2. p. 34: The paragraph entitled "Permission to take (sic) Underload" should be replaced with the following:

          "Students who intially matriculated as full-time freshmen are expected to carry at least the minimum course load of 12 credit hours per sememster. Graduating seniors, with fewer than 12 credit hours remaining to satisfy degree requirements, may petition the University Registrar for permission to take an (sic) underload for their last semester. Students enrolled as less than full-time should be reminded that financial aid and/or eligibility for University housing may be impacted."

    3. Other
      1. Guajardo: Faculty Development grant applications (vote scheduled)