Minutes Faculty Senate meeting

16 March 2007, Board Room in Student Union

Senators present: Duskin, Whiting, Hicks, Hasbrouck, Schwarze (left at 5:20), Guajardo, Marshall, Filetti, Zhang, Grau, Adamitis, Knipp, Vachris (arrived at 3:58), Sellars (arrived at 4:06)
Senator absent: Breese
Ed. note: Breese resigned shortly after this meeting.
  1. President Schwarze called the meeting to order at 3:05 PM.
  2. Introduction of guests:
  3. Electronic approval of minutes for 2/16 meeting of the Faculty Senate was acknowledged.
  4. Presentations by guests:
    1. Fulcher informed the Senate about the exit survey to be administered next month to all of the graduates. Donna Eddleman (Dean of Students) has made this a graduation requirement. The survey will be administered online using Survey Monkey and will contain questions pertaining to CNU's offices of Advancement, Career Development, and Student Services. For instance it will contain questions about each graduate's plans for a job and/or graduate school. The survey will not be completely anonymous (because of the questions re jobs and grad school), but it will certainly be confidential. There is concern that the graduating students are suffering from "survey fatigue", so future plans include the (voluntary) possibility of individual academic departments merging their surveys with this one.
    2. Allen Grace provided update from SGA. (Ed. note: This update actually did not occur until immediately prior to item VI, below, owing to the fact that Grace arrived late at this meeting.)
      1. The SGA appreciates faculty support with regard to the Board of Visitors' recent vote to include sexual orientation in CNU's nondiscrimination policy.
      2. SGA elections will be held soon.
      3. The SGA is now taking applications to fill two student positions on Honor System committee to be co-chaired by Vachris and CHECS Director. (Ed. note: See item VIII.D in the minutes of the 2/16/07 meeting of the Faculty Senate for a discussion of this committee.)
  5. President's report
    At this point the Senate discussed proposed handbook change 8a (Honor system). Recent significant changes to this proposal include the following two: It was moved, seconded, and passed unanimously to move the piece entitled "Classroom Expression" (found on p. 44 of the 2006-07 Handbook) out of "Honor System", and to leave this as #14 in Section IV, in order to rectify a historical mistake. Grau moved and Whiting seconded the insertion of the part entitled "Honor System" as Section III in the handbook, and this motion passed unanimously. Whiting moved and Duskin seconded that the paragraph

    "Due to the serious nature ... effort to resolve any suspicions ... discovery of the issue. Upon resolving the issue, faculty members will typically ... within five business days."

    be changed to

    "Due to the serious nature ... effort to determine the validity of any suspicions ... discovery of the issue. If the suspicion of academic dishonesty has been confirmed, then the faculty member will typically ... within five business days."

    This motion passed unanimously. At this time Senator Vachris arrived at the meeting. Vachris and Duskin will be the Senate's appointees to the campus-wide committee whose formation was recommended at the 2/16/07 meeting of the Faculty Senate. (See part VIII.D therein.) Vachris and (CHECS Director) Kevin Hughes will co-chair this group, which will also include staff and students.

    Ed. note: At this stage the agenda shifted up to IV.B, above, before continuing.

  6. Committee reports
      1. Knipp provided a report from the grade-distribution committee. Senate consideration of the recommendations in this report were tabled until the next meeting, to allow for Senators to hear feedback from their constituencies. Prior to that meeting Marshall will perform some more calculations, in order to determine departmental GPAs as a function of year. Ed. note: these calculations are now included in the report whose link is given, above.

        At this point Knipp read aloud a card sent to the rest of the Senate by President Schwarze in appreciation for the congratulations which it extended to her at the previous month's meeting. (See the passage immediately prior to item VI in the minutes of the 2/16/07 meeting.)
      2. Sellars had no report from the calendar committee, owing to the fact that the committee has not met since their previous report was presented at the 12/1/07 meeting of the Faculty Senate.
      3. Reports from Senators who attended the 2/23/07 meetings of the Board of Visitors:
        1. Grau (Academic Affairs):
          At that meeting Provost Summerville and Associate Provost Doolittle reported on reaffirmation by SACS, and Fulcher presented the assessment component of this. Summerville and Grau discussed the upcoming shift to a 3-4 teaching load.
        2. Whiting (Finance and Development)
        3. Hasbrouck (Student Life):
          With regards to admissions, application numbers and SAT scores are approximately unchanged from last year. There has been a 10% increase in minority applications. Discussion of CNU's alcohol policy took place. Ed. note: Click here to see CNU's recently revised policy.
        4. Guajardo (full board):
          Much of what was discussed at the subcommittee meetings was also discussed at this meeting. In addition, Dean Gordon discussed liberal learning, and the board voted unanimously to include sexual orientation in CNU's nondiscrimination policy.
      4. Breese was absent, so the issue of a scoring rubric for grading sabbatical applications was tabled until the next meeting.
      5. Senators liaising w/departments which have no Senators:
        Whiting reported two concerns from his meeting with the COMM department:
        1. (lack of) plans for them to hire more faculty members
        2. requirement for faculty to work on Mother's Day (ie, commencement)
      6. Review of courses to go into various AoI:
        1. Whiting: AMST 100 (WST)
        2. Whiting: AMST 210 (WST)
        3. Adamitis and Vachris: PHIL 252 (GMP)
        All three of these courses were approved unanimously. (Click here for a complete list of this year's AoI applications.)
      7. Grau provided an update from the elections committee, which will administer Senate elections in the following academic areas shortly, as follows. (The name in parentheses is the committee member who will administer that particular election.)
        • Liberal Arts (Hasbrouck): 3/29 at 12:30 in Gaines Theater (two regular seats and one 1-year replacement seat - for Breese)
        • School of Business (Duskin): 3/22 on the 4th floor conference room in the bank building (one regular seat and one 1-year replacement seat - for Vachris)
        • Social Sciences and Professional Studies (Grau): 3/29 at 12:20 in ADMN105 (two regular seats)
          Ed. note: This election was postponed, owing to a lack of a quorum.
        • Science and Technology (Adamitis): tbd (two regular seats)
      8. Schwarze provided an update about the provost search. (This update is actually found at the end of the president's report.)
      9. Breese was absent, so there was no report from the Council of University Chairs on a revised proposal for chair compensation.
      10. Vachris presented an updated report from the Priority Advisory Committee. This report was the same as that given at the 1/19/07 meeting of the Faculty Senate, except that this one contains cost estimates.
    1. There was no "Old Business".
    2. New business
      1. Consideration of Resolution 9 (emeritus status for "Doc" Powell)
        This was moved by Duskin, seconded by Whiting, and passed unanimously.
      2. Consideration of Resolution 10 (emeritus status for Don Hicks)
        This was moved by Vachris, seconded by Hasbrouck, and passed with a vote of thirteen in favor (Schwarze, Filetti, Adamitis, Knipp, Whiting, Grau, Zhang, Duskin, Marshall, Guajardo, Sellars, Vachris, Hasbrouck), none opposed, and one abstention (Hicks).
      3. The Senate went into closed session at 5:05 in order to discuss the handling of the deans' recommendations for the 2007 SCHEV Outstanding Faculty Award nominees: (The passwords for the files to which this webpage is linked, above, were broadcast via email.) The Senate came out of closed session at 5:15. These recommendations will be studied by a committee consisting of Hasbrouck (chair), Marshall, Zhang, and Filetti. Schwarze will find out how many names the Senate can put forward, and whether or not the names should be ranked.

        Because President Schwarze left the meeting at 5:20, Vice President Whiting took over in the chair for the duration.
      4. Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Science, major in Information Science (no action required)
      5. Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Foundations, major in Information Systems
        This new major was approved unanimously.
      6. Handbook change #23 (Click here for the complete list of handbook changes.)
        This proposed change was approved unanimously.
      7. two recommendations from the University Academic Status Committee (UASC) for changes to the Undergrad Catalog
        1. p. 33: The paragraph beginning "Academic progress" should read as follows:

          "Academic progress should be sufficient to support graduation in a timely manner. Students are expected to graduate within four years after matriculation as a full-time student, but no later than six years after full-time matriculation."

          Vachris moved and Hasbrouck seconded that these two sentences actually replace only the first two sentences in the catalog version, rather than the entire paragraph. This passed with a vote of eight in favor (Vachris, Hasbrouck, Guajardo, Marshall, Filetti, Sellars, Zhang, Adamitis), three opposed (Hicks, Duskin, Grau), and one abstention (Knipp).
        2. p. 34: The paragraph entitled "Permission to take (sic) Underload" should be replaced with the following:

          "Students who intially matriculated as full-time freshmen are expected to carry at least the minimum course load of 12 credit hours per semester. Graduating seniors, with fewer than 12 credit hours remaining to satisfy degree requirements, may petition the University Registrar for permission to take an (sic) underload for their last semester. Students enrolled as less than full-time should be reminded that financial aid and/or eligibility for University housing may be impacted."

          This was tabled by the Senate and sent back to UASC for clarification. For instance, to remove the ability of nonsenior students to seek permission to register for fewer than 12 credits would create a logical inconsistency with the last sentence of the previous paragraph:

          "Such students wishing to enroll for less than full-time status should see the section entitled 'Permission to Take Underload'"

    3. Other
      1. Guajardo: Faculty Development grant applications
        The Senate went into closed session at 6:00 in order to discuss this committee's recommendations. After coming out of closed session at 6:05, Filetti moved and Grau seconded the acceptance of the committee's recommendations. This was approved by a vote of twelve in favor (Filetti, Grau, Knipp, Zhang, Vachris, Hasbrouck, Hicks, Duskin, Sellars, Marshall, Guajardo), none opposed, and one abstention (Adamitis). The grant application of each of the following faculty members was recommended for funding, at least partially:
        • Jana Adamitis (MCLL): Conference travel to South Africa
        • Linda Baughman (COMM): Travel and research at Harvard Library
        • Kelly Cartwright (PSYC): Conference travel to Boston
        • Jessica Clark (ENGL): Research in collaboration in writing center
        • Caroline Garrett (FAAH): Trip to Venice to scout for future course
        • Brennan Kraxberger (GOVT): Trip to South Africa for future course
        • Sharon Rowley (ENGL): Conference travel to Switzerland
        • George Zestos (AECF): Research project on Vector Error Correction
      2. Adamitis forwarded to the Senate two concerns relayed to her by colleagues.
        1. CNU's Catering's charge ($16) for each lunch at Paideia actually exceeds the state's limit ($12).
        2. In an article in the Captain's Log on 2/21/07 appeared the following:

          "Faculty and staff will also now be required to take alcohol education classes in their legal training during Getting Started Week".

    The meeting was adjourned at 6:15 PM.

    Submitted by Peter Knipp, secretary of the Faculty Senate.

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