Minutes of Faculty Senate working session

16 August 2006, Student Center 150

Senators present: Vachris, Hicks, Hasbrouck, Knipp, Zhang, Whiting, Grau, Schwarze, Breese, Adamitis, Filetti, Sellars, Duskin, Guajardo, Marshall
Senators absent: none
Guests: none
  1. The meeting was called to order at 10:02 AM.
  2. Introduction of guests: NA
  3. The Senate acknowledged its electronic approval of minutes for its 4/21 meeting.
  4. President's report
    1. The following Senators were appointed as liaisons to standing "Instructional Faculty" committees which do not already contain a Senator:
      • Whiting: Academic Technology Advisory Committee (ATAC)
      • Breese: Honors Council (HC)
      • Filetti: Liberal Learning Council (LLC)
      • Sellars: Library Advisory Committee (LAC)
      • Marshall: Teacher Preparation Council (TPC)
      • Duskin: Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC)
      • Knipp: Undergraduate and Graduate Research Council (UGRC)
      • Hasbrouck: University Assessment and Evaluation Committee (UAEC)
      • Zhang: Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects (RBPHS)
      Although the Admistrative and Professional Faculty Peer Review Committee (APFPRC) is not an "Instructional Faculty" committee, President Schwarze received a request to appoint someone to this committee, and she chose Bob Winder, who is a professor but not a member of the Faculty Senate. It is anticipated that the Senate will not receive such a request in the future, owing to the fact that this committee will move (from "Appointed Academic Committees" to "Administrative Committees") in CNU's 2007 - 08 handbook, thereby eliminating possible confusion.
    2. Schedule of meetings during this academic year:
      • Senate
        • the following Fridays during the Fall: 9/8, 10/13, 11/3, 12/1
        • the following (third) Fridays during the Spring: 1/19, 2/16, 3/16, 4/20
      • The General Faculty will meet on the following dates during 12:20 - 1:00 in the Student Union Ballroom: Tuesday 11/28 and Thursday 4/19.
    3. Student Union Faculty Work Area:
      Room 218 is presently labelled "study area," but a directive by Bill Brauer's office to change the sign to read "Faculty Workspace" or "Faculty-Student Meeting Area" will go on the "punch" list for this building.
    4. The Dining Services Committee overwhelmingly recommended that CNU's stay "self-op" in this regard, and President Trible accepted this recommendation.
    5. "Academic Day:"
      Thursday 8/17/06 will consist of a morning "Showcase" in the Student Union, lunch in all of the departments, and afternoon small-group discussions of the Honor Code and the common reading (of Into the Wild, by Jon Krakauer). Schwarze and Whiting were part of initial planning session for this freshman activity which occurred at the beginning of this summer. Staff and department chairs are putting a lot of creative energy into the events. The hope is to induce undecided majors to declare earlier and to help freshmen to establish an early connection to an academic department, an important part of the retention initiative.
    6. Leadership Development Account:
      There is money in this CNU Educational Foundation account, which the Senate may want to use to host a faculty reception this year.
    7. Professor Pringle has expressed concern regarding wording of the minutes of the Senate's 4/21/06 meeting. She points out that the subject of our discussion at that meeting was the university honor code, not the (sic) student honor code. She would like our present minutes to acknowledge this.
    8. "Teaching-prep time during "Getting Started" Week:
      A total of 7 unconflicted hours exists for new faculty, and 5 - 9 unconflicted hours for returning faculty (depending on whether the returning faculty are either department chairs, members of the Senate, or members of the Teaching Preparation Council). The Senate had proposed 9 hours for new faculty and 6.5 - 9.5 hours for returning faculty. (See items IV.F and VIII.C in the minutes of the Senate meetings on 12/2/05 and 4/21/06, respectively.) Hence, the final result was fairly close to the Senate's initial proposal.

    At this time, the Senate discussed the upcoming search for a provost. It was agreed upon that the Senate should recommend to President Trible that the search committee should include President Schwarze and one tenured faculty member ("faculty representative") from each of the four academic areas (Science and Technology, Business, Social Science/Professional Studies, Liberal Arts). The Senate also discussed a motion (moved by Whiting and seconded by Zhang) to recommend to President Trible specific names of faculty representatives. This motion was withdrawn after debate. Sellars moved and Breese seconded that we should recommend to President Trible that the faculty representatives be tenured and that at least some of them should have experience serving previously on a search committee. The motion carried with a vote of eight in favor (Adamitis, Vachris, Breese, Guajardo, Marshall, Filetti, Duskin, Sellars) and six opposed (Hicks, Hasbrouck, Whiting, Zhang, Grau, Knipp). The senate also wishes to convey to President Trible that it would welcome the opportunity to participate in the process of faculty selection, including reviewing names at our 9/8/06 meeting. The Senate plans to encourage both tenured and untenured faculty members to participate in the process of provost selection, by attending open fora and communicating opinions re this process to members of the Faculty Senate.

  5. New business
    1. Recording class attendance:
      Colleges and universities are compelled to reimburse the federal government for financial aid awarded to each student who receives a grade of F unless the school can document that the student failed to attend all or part of class. (The penalty is prorated, in regard to the last phrase.) Last year CNU had to repay to the federal government $72K for this reason, and the CNU administration would like to enact class policies which would serve to reduce this penalty. In the ensuing discussion Senators made several suggestions, a representative sampling for which is given below:
      • Midterm grades could be submitted for all students (ie, not just freshmen), owing to the presence of a "date of last attendance" on the (online) grade-submit form.
      • There could be 5-wk, 10-wk, and 15-wk attendance certificates issued by each instructor.
      • Instructors could have the option of awarding two different types of F, depending upon whether or not the student attended class.
      • If a student does not want to attend class, we should not force them to do so.
      • The identities of financial aid students could be highlighted on rosters, to enable instructors to track the attendance of these students.
      • The reporting of class attendance could be voluntary, on the part of instructors, but mechanisms should be put in place which facilitate this task, analogous to the manner in which the "Send Referral" button is used by instructors for handling students who are having difficulties in class.
      After some discussion, it was decided that it is premature for Senators to discuss this issue with their departments. Instead, this will be delegated to a committee of Knipp (chair), Guajardo, Adamitis, and a faculty volunteer from the School of Business to be found by Vachris. The first item of business for this committee will be to procure the precise wording of the federal government's policy. This committee will report back to the Senate at its 10/13 meeting.
    2. Elections:
      The following committee elections need to be run, for completion prior to the 9/8 meeting of the Senate.
      • one Liberal Arts seat on the Honors Council:
        S. Rowley (ENGL), J. Thompson (PHIL), and M. Marinova (ENGL) were nominated for this position last spring, but Rowley pulled out of the race in the middle of the election. The election was rerun, but apparently too late in the semester to garner a sufficient number of votes to validate the election. Marinova and Thompson will stand for the "re-rerunning" of this election.
      • two Liberal Arts seats on Faculty Grievance Committee:
        This election was simply overlooked. Both Underwood (PHIL) and Filetti (ENGL) are eligible for reelection, and both will stand for this.
      • one Social Sciences/Professional Studies seat on the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee:
        UCC member Rilea (PSYC) created a vacancy by resigning late in the semester, and UCC member Mazzarella (HIST) did not originally stand for reelection. Mazzarella will stand for this election.
      Marshall and Adamitis will conduct these elections.
    3. Guajardo: changes to application form (available: http://facultysenate.cnu.edu/05_06/misc/facdevgrant/applicnew.doc) for Faculty Development Grants
      This issue was tabled on 5/13/06 because the Senate secretary had put the wrong version of the form in the Senators' agenda packet. There was a question about Part II.A of this form ("Do you currently receive, or have you ever received, any funding for this project or parts of this project from CNU or external sources?"), namely whether the presence of any non-CNU grants "count against" an applicant. Guajardo's answer: "No, this is solely for informative purposes." The recommended changes to the form were passed unanimously by the Senate.
    4. Senate Goals (draft available: http://facultysenate.cnu.edu/06_07/misc/goalsold.doc)
      Duskin suggested the addition to Strategy 1C of a review of the standards of evidence and appeal process for University Committee on Student Discipline, in response to some difficulties which occurred last spring. Whiting suggested adding to Goal 1 some findings of issue re personnel review process (a la Pollard) Professor Scott Pollard: ad hoc committee on evaluation and assessment of faculty VIII.B of 4/21 minutes
      These issues will be discussed further at the 9/8 meeting of the Senate.
    5. "Issues" with the implementation of Senate Resolution 2004-05-11 ("Electronic format for submission of materials to Faculty Senate")
      Recently the Senate has received a request to remove from its webpage CVs which were part of the nomination process (to SCHEV) for Outstanding Faculty Awards. (See item IV.B in the minutes of the 5/13/06 Senate meeting.) Grau moved and Vachris seconded that the CVs be removed for all three of the nominees and that notations be put in those minutes that such a change occurred and that interested parties may receive a CV by sending their request directly to the faculty member. The motion carried, with a vote of ten in favor (Filetti, Breese, Whiting, Grau, Zhang, Guajardo, Duskin, Vachris, Hicks, Hasbrouck), three opposed (Sellars, Marshall, Adamitis), and one abstention (Knipp). In a future meeting, the Senate will need to discuss how this issue applies to Faculty Development Grant applications, e.g., whether those should be submitted to the Senate in electronic format.
  6. Other business: none
submitted by Peter Knipp, secretary of the Faculty Senate

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